Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Days 2 and 3 of the food challenge have passed and we are fine so far although the vegetables have nearly run out! Tea for Monday was courgette pasta and last night we had the second roast chicken dinner plus pudding.

Today we were out for our walk so had lunch out (which is our main meal), therefore we shall only have toast for tea.

DS had his stag do last weekend and they all had a really good time. They did 4 x 4 blind driving around a course, followed by paintball. Evening was out at a venue and a few drinks, staying in a hotel overnight. The next morning they all went ( FDiL as well I believe) to do clay shooting.

That seems so much more enjoyable than just getting drunk as a skunk!

Unfortunately early the following morning he became ill with Norovirus so has had to have a few days off work. Ah well, some you win etc.


  1. Well done on your sticking to the food challenge, do you find your self feeling hungry at all, would be interested to know. I know myself and my husband could do this but my 15 and 19 would fine it a step too far. Woo xx

    1. No more than normal, we eat early for tea/dinner, around 5pm so are usually hungry by 8pm so have yoghurt or a jam sandwich as per usual.


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