Friday, 27 February 2015

And back to normal...

Well, kind of. It seems to be weird, time passes so slowly but we are gradually getting back to our normal routine! We found out from E., on Wednesday, that she went down with Norovirus on Friday after we had been walking with her on Wednesday. She thinks she picked it up on Thursday! Wow, how lucky were we not to go down with that for the wedding!!

On a cold, dark and blustery winter day, we needed cheering up so I made us some gorgeous yellow spicy sweetcorn soup:
Then for tea we had a low calorie macaroni cheese (gee, glad we only eat in season, these tomatoes were truly awful!):
The rest of it though was very nice.

The sun is out today, for the morning only, so I feel a need to stroll around the gardens, front and back, taking note on how things are doing. Our snowdrops are fully up at last, although not as tall as this variety we found whilst out on a walk:
The miniature daffodils are just 1" tall so a long way for them to go yet. However, one job we need to do in the next week or so is to lay some rocks to help define our inner front circle of plants. We have been given these by E., and have been waiting for both the snowdrops and little daffodils to show where they are so as not to squash them under a rock.

It looks like some of our Spring bulbs will have to be lifted and moved to create way but that is fine, everything was beginning to move outwards and lose it shape as well as infringing on the path area.

That is it for this week folks, batten down the hatches for some very wet and windy weather in the next few days. Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Getting back to normal ways after being away is always a little strange, but very comforting. The wee flowers look gorgeous, it gives that hope of spring, something we need on chilly days. Have a restful weekend. Woo xx

  2. I do buy roma tomatoes in the winter as they are so cheap at aldi s.. I cut them in half and roast them with a little smidge of olive oil, salt and pepper until they are really cooked....quite nice..

    1. Should have roasted these, they would have been nicer I'm sure.

  3. Ah I was just getting used to this gorgeous sunny weather as well, blue skies too. Never mind, I'm sure Spring really is just waiting in the wings! I love homemade macaroni cheese. My mum cooked it for us as children and it brings back many memories every time I cook it. Real comfort food. Have a lovely weekend. P x

  4. Do you keep your tomatoes out of the fridge? I always find that a bit of warmth helps their flavour, although as you say, they're not great! Nothing like a home grown tomato for flavour. The sunshine was lovely whilst it lasted...... Have a lovely weekend


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