Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Front Garden Finished...

First, welcome to Chris Moorwood via here. I'm sorry to say that I have removed anonymous commenting due to an abundance of web crawling idiots hoping to get a free link to their commercial blogs. I only had a few nice anonymous comments, so apologies if you were one of those:(

Finally, I have cut back, trimmed and sorted out the front garden, except any weeds that is, which are beginning to grow!

Hopefully you can spot the difference. The whole circle, path and all 4 sides have now been done. The roses have had well composted manure put around their bases (once the gravel was pulled to one side). After a few weeks, the worms should have dragged it down into the ground and I can put the gravel back.

Passing our garden centre the other day, we went in to get a few potato tubers. We can only grow a very small amount, normally in tubs, but this year, I plan on putting them into one of the raised beds. We should get better potatoes then:
It is an expensive way to buy but we have no-one to share a 3kg/5kg bag with. I shall repeat my exercise this year of spraying them with Disprin to help keep blight away. It seemed to do the trick on the tomatoes last year so we shall see. Mind you, we might not have had blight but think it was in our area.

I have now dug in manure and the potatoes, once chitted, will be planted out in a few weeks time, under some protective cover. Frost in our particular area can be as late as early May.


  1. YoRosezeeta.u are good. My hubby has been in the garden tody. but we have got a lot of clearing to still do.

  2. can see the difference no problem. Looks good, we too don't eat as many potatoes as we used to.

  3. We still have ours to start, although the hard work we put in last year seems to have paid off. There arent many weeds and because there are no bulbs left in the main garden beds the rabbits havent been digging holes. The leeks and onions were rubbish last year so Im thinking about putting potatoes in that bed, it won't grow many but even a few home grown spuds will make a tasty meal or two.


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