Friday, 27 March 2015

Coffee and coffee pod waste...

After the rain, wind, dull light and cold wind, we have awoken to a sunny but cold day. Washing is in the washer and will soon be drying on the line. I shall wrap up later on and dig up some more plants that are in the path part of the front gravel garden.

I checked yesterday on the peas and radish sown a few weeks ago and the radish have now got their seed leaves above the soil. One pot of tomato seedlings are also into daylight.

I love a latte coffee on the odd occasion when we eat out and DB surprised me the other day by ordering a milk frother and two latte glasses plus spoons:
Our first attempt wasn't too shabby:
However, when doing us a normal milky coffee we heat the milk for both cups in the microwave on full for 3.5 minutes and it is usually very hot. After following the instructions which came with the jug, you can only do one at a time and it wasn't very hot.

Blow this I thought, lets heat enough milk for both glasses and push the plunger to froth the milk more gently so it doesn't overflow whilst I'm doing it.

As it happens, you can get away with it and our second attempt was far better and much hotter. It is a bit of a faff and there is an extra pot to wash but it tasted good.

Having read about how many zillions of plastic non-recyclable coffee pods are contaminating the planet, we didn't want to go down that line. Also, we are primarily tea drinkers but did want to drink a nice coffee occasionally so opted for this method.

We use it with normal instant coffee and all is well. Might also try it with chocolate...

Have a lovely weekend folks despite the weather forecast.


  1. That looks like a much better option than all those pods, and much more affordable too. Enjoy!!

    1. Was tempted by pods until I read an article about them.

  2. Glad to hear all is well with you .. seeds seem to doing well .. we just need a spot more sun with warmth in it.
    I like a latte too .. I'm afraid the best I can do is frantically whisk the hot milk .. in the pan with a hand whisk .. and yes instant coffee. It does me .. and no 'waste' pods etc to dispose of.


    1. Second lot of tomatoes finally popped through. Whisking should work well I imagine.

  3. I also like the occasional coffee on a Sunday afternoon. But, I make mine in a stove top perculator and use Brasilian or Arabic coffee grounds. My perculator holds enough water to serve to small coffee cups or 1 mug, so gives me enough coffee to enjoy for a short coffee break.

    1. I must admit I prefer instant but obviously know grounds are used in the shops.


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