Sunday, 15 May 2016

At last I can say....


He has just won the Masters Italian Open in Rome with the most spectacular of final shots. Why is this win so special?

He is the first male British player to win this since the beginning of the tennis Open Era from 1968. The last British man won before then in 1931. Virginia Wade won it in 1971.

He is the first tennis player to break the Djokovic/Nadal stranglehold on this tournament since 2004.

It is his first win over Novak on clay.

It is his second win in 14 attempts, over Novak, since he won Wimbledon in 2013.

Today is his birthday, he has never won a match on his birthday before and was even given a cake with a candle to blow out, so...

Happy Birthday Andy and Congratulations!

Let's hope that shuts up the ne're do wells who keep saying his tennis has gone downhill since the birth of his daughter Sophia, or that he is always looking tired.


  1. He shares his birthday with my wonderful grandson. Well done Andy!

  2. I said Whoop Whoop when I saw the result on the news and that was before I knew all the facts above so another Whoop is needed and roll on the French Open so I can watch too.


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