Friday, 5 August 2016

Moving and claiming...

This morning has been a financial morning and at last, for now, we are finished. We have had money tied up in premium bonds but the interest rate on those are so low we are rarely receiving any 'winnings'.

I hunted about on the internet for fixed 1 year bonds (not putting it all in them just in case we have an emergency). Found one that was paying 1.25% but would pay 2.5% if a certain football team win the premier league. We are not supporters but this was the best we could find.

We only transfer £1 to begin with to ensure everything is working before transferring our chosen amount. That way, you don't lose all your money if you inadvertently link to a wrong account. These processes should happen today and tomorrow.

Last year, I cashed in a pension plan and was taxed on doing so. I kept putting off claiming the tax back as it all looked very long winded. Today however, I was in the mood - financial hats on and all that - and a very quick telephone call to the tax office ensued. Result was my money should be with me within a month.

It was so painless I couldn't believe it and chastised myself for not doing it earlier - ah well - we live and learn:)

Are you keeping on top of your savings or do you just ignore them, leaving them where they are? There are always better options if you look.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. I have to do a self assessment tax return and its a nightmare. We both have our private pension bits to sort in the ne t 6 weeks. Not looking forward to financial complications that will probably bring.

  2. we have money in premium bonds at present and the recent changes to how they do the "prizes" is definitely poorer than previous.We are debating a change and like you looking for something better but not to tied down.


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