Tuesday, 30 August 2016


Not posting much recently as we have been having some quiet time. We have both been very busy in the garden, closing down small areas permanently i.e., removing plants, putting down weed fabric then gravel.

We visited a heather nursery and bought 15 good sized heathers to plant under our fruit trees down the side of the back garden. When I feel like doing so, I shall sort out and plant the two tubs of bulbs we have dug up from closed down areas, mainly snowdrops, crocus and a few daffodils.

We had a quiet weekend as the roads were so busy, we couldn't be bothered to visit anywhere.

The front garden is still in the process of being pared down. I am being brutal in what to keep. The aim is to have lavenders, roses, a few perennials, and a few shrubs (which we currently have) but better spaced and with the gravel beneath them, clear of other plants.

Two plants are in full bloom at the moment but once finished, they too will be grubbed out. A tall plant is just coming into flower. Once finished, it will be moved from the front of the window to near the hedge as it is too tall where it is currently.

The blueberries have finished and will be pruned next Spring as they are out of shape and getting unproductive. The bramble is almost finished and needs pruning and new growth tying in. The Bramley apple needs pruning, then most of the back is finished.


  1. Things are quiet here too. J hurt his back and leg so was off work all last week as he could barely walk.Consequently the hallway is still a work in progress. Traffic was horrendous here on Friday afternoon as I live just off the A road that leads to the motorway junction which is 1.5 miles away - they were bumper to bumper as far as the eye could see in both directions.

    1. Horrendous, glad we were at home. Hope J. gets better soon. X

  2. We purchased some lovely lavender from the Norfolk Lavender Centre 7 years ago and they have done brilliantly. I got 4 different varieties. Some are good to use in scones/lavender sugar and other baking, and some smell gorgeous in lavender bags. They all LOOK lovely and attract the bees.

    1. We find all lavender flavoured food awful.


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