Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Reducing the garden and War Diary update

Firstly, I have updated the War Diary for August and September in Year VI. Hope you enjoy it! Welcome to Jackie Phillips via here.

Although neither of us is decepit just yet, we are both beginning to find keeping on top of the garden more difficult as the years pass.

The front gravel garden has a few shrubs but is mainly herbaceous planting. It needs constant cutting down, digging out etc. When in full bloom, everything looks just a little too squashed in.

We quite often have 3 or 5 of each plant but have now decided to slowly reduce those that are 5 to 2 and those we have 3 of, to just one. If we don't like it, they can be divided up.

In the back garden, everything seems to reach high to the sky or else be leaning forward. We have plants escaping from our neighbours into ours (fair do though as they were originally in our garden and we got rid of them). So we need to be able to find them to remove them as quickly as possible.

Our soil isn't really suitable for summer heathers but is fine for winter ones. They may well replace what we now have, interspersed with low growing summer plants, to give us some colour all year around.

I used to think what a poor show older peoples garden were when I was younger. Now I know why!

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  1. Our garden seems to shrink a bit each year. Now it might be cut down to half the size as Harvey wants to build a garage.

    God bless.


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