Monday, 22 August 2016

Well done and garden ...

To Marin Cilic for winning his first ATP 1000 Masters title. Commiserations to Andy who was really struggling all week, with tiredness, shoulder and back injuries and eventually a cold. Onwards and upwards!

Our broad beans, although performing reasonably well, seemed to go from being ready to pick, to being over, in a very short space of time. Coupled with the uber dry conditions, I decided to leave them on the plant to dry.

We podded them between us, laying them on kitchen roll, on a tray to finish drying:
After a few days in the heat of the conservatory, they were inspected for insect holes and have now gone in the jar below for winter use:
Another thing that has struggled this year were the wild mirabelle plums. Hardly any yellow ones to find and very few red. The trees just could not hang onto them due to the dry conditions. These were all we could find after a walk. E., managed to get a similar amount, just about 1 lb each:

We have left them on the windowsill to eat fresh as they finish ripen. We still have several pounds in the freezer from last year. What a contrast!


  1. Such a great idea to dry the beans, the perfect taste of Summer in the Winter months.

    1. Hope so. Never eaten dried broad beans!

  2. It has been quite a year for contrasts Dc, I think that the weather can be pointed at as the guilty party m'dear. Oh and them there Toms look lush.


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