Saturday, 7 January 2017

A nest of vipers!

The amount of cables behind the tv cabinet look like a nest of vipers and enough is enough. DB has bought trunking to hide some of the main thick cables against the wall. The rest are being reduced in size where possible or coiled up as small as possible. Here is a picture before the start of work:

Just a few of the cables on the top of the unit, waiting to be dealt with:
Half the problem is the size of the transformers that reduce the mains current on certain things down to 12 volts. These are on the Wii, the internet hub and the recorder. The hub is the worst as its plug takes up the space of two! This means we need an extension lead coming off the extension lead.

We don't worry about overloading the wall socket as usually no more than 2 items, occasionally 3 are on at the same time, all well within parameters indicated. Besides DB knows about such things as that was his job.

Halfway through, it is looking better. The light cable is still not done as this is a temporary light until we get organised:
The adaptors are both on the wall, the normal white one on the top, comes off the larger grey one which has surge protection on it. Most of the transformers are tucked inside the cabinet behind their corresponding pieces of equipment.

Just a larger cable cover and it is done:
So much better, nest of vipers dealth with! Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. and how they collect dust too.............or is that just me not dusting enough!

    1. Not just you! I rarely dust the cables.

  2. Those cables do annoy me. Not only do we have cables behind the TV, we also have them in the dining room where the computer, broadband and house 'phone are. A few Christmas' ago when we had visitors staying and had to move the table away from the wall, we had to jiggle around trying to find somewhere for the broadband and 'phone to go. Oh, for a simple life before computers.

    Joan (Wales)


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