Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Another food bill and a muddle up in a delivery

Our Tesco shop came to £50.77. Adding that to what we have already spent, it leaves us £20.25 to spend until March 23rd. We might just manage as we have everything we need bar fresh food top ups and maybe some yoghurts. Time will tell.

We are waiting for a special delivery. It comes in 3 parts and it is something I have been wanting for years now. It has cost quite a bit of money but the savings we have made recently (plus these two months being free of council tax and water rates) have meant we can now buy it.

It should have come today but unfortunately (I guess we are just lucky) only 2 of the 3 parts came! The main bit is missing and without that part, we can't do anything with it. Both the company we ordered from and the delivery company have been informed. I wonder how long it will take to get sorted and when it will be delivered.

Its a little like having a car delivered without either the engine or the wheels. Ah well.


  1. Oh dear, how annoying. I got a potting bench for Christmas, DH decided to put it together (it came flatpacked) a few days ago, and found we had been sent 2 'right sides' of one piece instead of a right and a left. Company says it is sending replacement, hope they do and hope your missing part arrives soon too.
    Carol xx

  2. Looking forward to hearing more on your recent purchase.

  3. I can't wait to see what it is!!! I hope the main bit arrives soon to put us out of our misery"! xxx

  4. Hope the missing part arrives speedily. Good luck with the shopping for the rest of the month!

  5. No sign yet. Both sides seem to be saying the other one has the missing parcel!


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