Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Gardening and buying seeds

First thing this morning – well, once the temperature had risen to 5 Celsius - I went out to titivate the front garden.

Due to my back problems, I have a rule of only weeding, clearing, or pruning 2 tubs worth of rubbish at any one time. Depending on how I am feeling, it can sometimes be stretched it to 3. This works great for me and stops me plodding on without thinking.

Today I have been pruning back all the stalks I didn't get around to doing in autumn. There are just the Japanese anemone's to do, plus a clematis. Then I can start the back garden before tackling the drive and small side alley garden. That's before I start weeding!

Hubby was busy filling all the bird feeding stations and starting on my next things for the garden. He is good bless him. He long ago gave up questioning why I want things doing, or even how they need to be done. He just gives me 'that' look and starts the job!

Anyway, the latest thing he is making for me are 'reminder' sticks. Most of my canes are past their best so as new ones will be needed, he is going to cut them down to 12” and colour code their tops.

Why you might be asking. Well, I don't know about you but in summer/autumn when transplanting, I keep disturbing my spring bulbs. So they will have white tops (snowdrops), yellow (daffodil/crocus), pink (hyacinth) etc. As I don't want to have a stick garden they will be pushed 6” - 9” into the ground, leaving just their painted tops showing in the gravel. Knowing me, or probably OH, they will be tripped over, so the deeper they go in, the better.

What do you think? A good idea or have I been out in the sun for too long?

We have just come back from our first exciting visit to a garden centre. Although I spent more than intended on four packets of seeds, one was free and the other 99p if I bought one full price packet. As they were what I needed, I got them. Have also invested £15 on a good quality metal bean pole. Every few years, I have to buy new 8' canes (which are expensive as I don't have access to hazel poles) to grow my beans up so felt this would be better in the long run. Bought a bag of potting compost, a lovely reduced chrysanthemum, which I shall divide to get four plants for the garden plus a new small bird feeder where they have to get inside a ball.

Here are pictures of the plant and seeds: 1) Pot Chrysanthemum, 2) Annual Chrysanthemum Polar Star, 3) Corn Cockle, 4) Cornflower Snowman and finally 5) Alyssum Carpet of Snow, whose honey scent fills the garden.


  1. You should get a great show of flowers this year.
    I think your idea of marking where spring bulbs are by colour coding sticks is great! Why didnt I think of that? I am always digging them up!

  2. I buy narrow metal piping for my bean poles from the hardware store, bit cheaper. My vow is not to go to the garden centre this year - it is such a black hole for my cash, oh dear, I need some rose food; forgot about that.
    Too cold here in Illinois to start but should get some mild days next month.
    Have all my seeds ready, I sow them under strip lights on a heating mat on about 2nd April.
    You are right about gardening time. An hour and a half is about my limit at one go.
    Your flowers are lovely.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, glad you like my dresser, think we will be keeping it though!
    I was gardening today, like you I have a funny back so try not to go mad. It was really warm, ended up shedding a fleece and sweatshirt and working in my Tshirt.
    The only worry I would have about your marker sticks is if you were kneeling on the gravel to weed or if you put your hand down without looking and put your weight on it. You think you will remember but sometimes you get working and just forget.
    I need to start sowing seed. I love this time of year, so much promise!
    Carol xx

  4. The colour coded canes are a great idea. I always used to disturb the bulbs at the old house. I'm still discovering what's in this garden but think I'll be planting some Spring bulbs in the Autumn as they seem a bit sparse here. When I do I'll be using your canes idea!

  5. Thanks everyone for replying. Carol, I see where your concern is coming from. Hopefully it won't happen as when walking around the garden I used the paths. When I am working and weeding, I use a kneeling mat and am always very careful where I put my hands to rest as we have gravel gardens, some of which is very sharp. I will, however take care. I think I might get hubby to make them only 9" tall and make sure only 3" is showing above ground.


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