Sunday, 26 February 2012

Gardening and a possible new blog

A lovely blue sky and sunshine today but still on the cold side. Managed to spend some time in the garden yesterday sieving wood ash. Not the best time to do it as it was quite windy. Got it done and some is now on the plants in the garden that needed it.

Our soil is slightly alkaline and some plants, like my blueberry and raspberry need a slightly more acidic soil. Wonder if some woodland soil from up the woods as a mulch might work?. Any ideas? Last year the autumn raspberries looked very yellow and I had to spray them (and my hydrangeas) with some special food.

Hubby still needs to produce a few more snowdrop sticks. The miniature daffodils are poking through now and methinks more yellow sticks might also be needed.

If it warms up later today and next week (apparently Tuesday is going to be v. warm), I will start sieving the compost bin and bag it up for later use.

I may not be posting everyday on this blog soon, as I am trying to set up another blog associated with my sound work. So far, it is not going well as I can't fathom out how to upload my own audio and video. I am not on Facebook, nor do I use SoundCloud or any 3rd party shareware regarding music/video. If I can't find out how to do it easily (and it needs to be easy believe me), then the blog won't get off the ground. I am currently waiting for my very patient son to 'read all about it' and get back to me. Watch this space!


  1. Good luck with setting up your new blog! It's grey here today and was drizzling earlier so it would be lovely to have the warmth that they are predicting for Tuesday- though the poor plants will be even more confused!

  2. I am catching up on your blog :)
    The bread looks yummy, and the bulb sticks is a great idea (when digging in the flower beds I often hit some bulbs. I might copy you on the sticks).

    I think that mulching in some woodland soil for your blueberries and raspberries will work well.
    Another thing to to is to just lay out some pine or spruce cuttings on the soil underneath the bushes. When decomposing they make the soil more acid. Or bury a piece of iron in the soil, which has the same effect.

    Good luck on working on your new blog, I hope everything will go smoothly :)

  3. Glad you managed to get out into the garden.I have been out in ours today.I thought about growing blueberries but you are right in thinking they need acidic soil.I was wondering about getting some and putting them in large pots with ericaceous compost.My mum has fabulously acidic soil and she grows all manner of plants that I cant. Maybe I should ask for some of her top soil?

    1. I did have mine in ericaceous compost in pots and potted them on every two years as they grew. Now, then need to go in the garden which they did last year. Our soil however, is alkaline and I don't want them to get sick so will have to do perhaps as Hilde suggests.


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