Sunday, 19 February 2012

A glorious day

It has been a day of sunshine, blue skies and a cool brisk wind. We spent 3 hours around at B's helping her prune 2 apples trees, 1 crab apple and a plum. They all look a lot better now. After having a cup of coffee and a piece of cake we returned home with 2 containers of twigs to eventually burn on the fire. Fired up by the weather, I quickly nipped into the back garden to finish pruning my quince and any stragglers I had missed on the apple and pear trees. An overgrown thyme was pruned back as I could just see some gold peeping out – look what was revealed (not the best of pictures as I had cropped them small enough to fit in the table on my garden page) - have got two photographs in their now!
Looking forward to stew for tea. Might have a go at cooking some dumplings in the microwave, if I have enough suet. I used to do them like this as the ones in my stew never seem to rise enough, despite keeping the lid on. Will also have some pudding if we feel up to it. 

We have both had a bit of a gippy tummy for the past few days. B. also said the same and we wondered if it was something we picked up from the place we ate at on Thursday as we all started to feel unwell about 4 hours after eating. A general feeling of sickness, stomach pains, wind etc., which persisted for about 48 hours. Who knows.

Well, my trial with the dumplings in the microwave wasn't too bad. They rose but were slightly dry around the edges - more practice.  

Anyway, we had some with stew for tea followed by the rest with golden syrup for tea.


  1. Looks delicious. Been bread making this afternoon. Your recipe worked a treat - thank you x

  2. Never tried dumplings in the microwave but they do look good. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. that looks so good. We have trouble finding suet here in Canada to make dumplings.



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