Sunday, 12 February 2012

Old cook books - loved, cherished & eventually inherited.

Well, a slightly warmer night last night, only -8 Celsius. Currently we are barely above freezing but have just come back from a brisk walk to the shop (£1.05 for milk as we forgot to thaw some!!) and are feeling quite warm. Guess I am not going to make my food challenge this month. See the Food Challenge page for an update!

I thought I might make some scones sometime this week and as Scarlet mentions her trusty Bero recipe, I decided to have a look through some books. 
Amongst the items inherited from my mother in law, were her cook books. She didn't have many and her favourites were from the late 1940's (which still mention rationing and dried eggs) – lovely!
These first two were dated 1947 and are the ones that mention rations and dried eggs amongst their recipes. 
The next two are probably from the 50's or 60's?
I think these two may be the late 60's early 70's?
Finally, these two pamphlets are from 1972 - got the date on them. They all have strange musty smells emanating from them. I used to store used tumble dryer sheets between the pages but left them in too long and they have left a mark. Either that or I tried to be clever and used fresh ones - not a good idea as they are oil based. Ah well, we live and learn.
I don't mind though as they are pretty tatty anyway. Some fantastic recipes in them and many I remember eating when she was alive.
Anyway, just wanted to share them with you. If you can date them any better than me, please let me know.


  1. Those cookbooks are real treasures, and it is so nice to see that they are still well taken care of and loved :)
    I inhereted all my grandmother's recipes when she passed away, and I cherish them.

    Your dishcloth in the post below turned out very nice :) Well done.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

  2. Bero Home recipes [second row on left] I think is 1960s. Thats the one MY Mum had. My own copy is dated 1982 [look inside the back page at the end of the index- that's where the date is on my copy.
    You might like to follow this link
    which tells you all about the girl in the red apron!
    Blessings xx

    1. Thanks Angela, I checked it out. The index in this book is inside the front cover but as the bottom left inside is missing, I haven't got a date (presuming it was there). So I guess circa 1960 is the nearest I can get. Even the Bero site themselves don't say which book was published when.


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