Monday, 27 August 2012

A mish mash

There is definitely a seasonal change in the air. The past couple of mornings have been cool enough for us to put on long dressing gowns. It could be due to the fact we leave a lounge window open overnight (the one that has the conservatory attached for safety). This airs the room (especially when decorating) helping get rid of any stale air. 

This particular window stays closed overnight in winter as we want to retain the warmth from our log burner until morning. However, when needing to finish off washing overnight, it is open to let out excess moisture. What a fine balancing act it all is.

Such a change in weather has seen me thinking about more warming meals. A pudding was called for and with just a few tablespoons of my friends gift left, I decided to steam some more lemon marmalade puddings. It is so easy to forget things when trying to bake, cook dinner and help paint and I did so with these.

Although I remembered to butter and base line my mini pudding bowls, I then forgot to flour them and it took a bit of persuasion to get them out.

This side doesn't look too bad...

This side is a little worse for wear! The scraps from the tins with lovely though with a nice cup of tea.

The puddings tasted good though with some custard. The other 4 have gone into the freezer for another day.

Just nipped out to take a photograph of a couple more plants that are in my garden and have been added to the relevant page.

I also noticed a peacock butterfly sleeping/dead on one of my finished phlox plants. 

The mystery plant is still growing and looks to be setting some flower buds. Hopefully the mystery of whether it is a flower/weed/vegetable will soon be solved.


  1. Yes, there is definitely a feel of autumn in the air. I know what you mean about comfort foods, lemon marmalade puddings sound divine.

  2. I just used everything the equivalent to 2 eggs (Victoria basic mix), then stirred in 2-3 tablespoons marmalade and a little milk to soften the mixture. They were covered and steamed for around 60-80 minutes.


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