Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The overblown, wrinkly and manky!

In the fridge I found three 'mini marrow' sized courgettes, one wrinkly pepper and about six carrots that had turned brown at the ends. The vegetable rack contained a few potatoes going soft and some onions that were beginning to sprout. 
Curry popped into my head. In the cupboard was one tin of reduced fat coconut milk, a new jar of thai green curry paste and some stock cubes.

About an hour beforehand, I removed the seeds and roughly diced the courgettes, then sprinkled them with salt to help reduce their water content (only because of their size and large amount of seeds present). Once they were washed, drained and patted dry, I diced 3 smallish onions and prepared the carrots, potatoes and pepper.

The onions were softened in a little oil before adding the drained courgettes and carrots.

Three generous tablespoons of curry paste went in and were cooked for a few minutes.

Then the potatoes, pepper, can of coconut milk and a can of hot water.

This was brought to a simmer, lid put on slightly ajar and cooked until the carrots and potatoes were done - around 45 minutes to an hour. 

1 – 2 vegetable stock cubes need to be added to taste. We don't like coriander leaves so a few chopped sprigs of tarragon and parsley were added.

We had some for tea and there was enough left over for another 2 meals each, which have gone into the freezer. Lovely jubbley!


  1. Mmm sounds gorgeous! I've been eating sweet potato and carrot tagine now for two days (for much the same reason - i.e. a fridge clear out!) and its gorgeous!

  2. Looks VERY nice and also frugal:)


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