Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pink and Yellow

Welcome to my two new followers, Chuck Mallory and The Frugal Girl next door.

It is a beautiful warm, sunny day here in Norfolk. Should get some gardening done later but have spent the morning in the kitchen baking before it got too hot in there.

Yesterday saw me attempting to make a Raspberry Cloud Cake. Rather than have one big deep one, I decided to make two in victoria sponge cake tins. Thursday evening sees us having a B-B-Q with those from our closed school. I normally bring a salad but wanted to do a dessert this time.

Anyway, if you type the above named cake into a general search engine you will find the recipe. I used a combination of milk and plain chocolate digestives rather than plain and made 1 1/2 times the base mixture so I could get two bases ready.

All went well initially and in the end, it was a very easy cake to make but I did have one rather large problem. As one of the people at the meal on Thursday hates pips, I thought I would whizz up the raspberries in the liquidizer so I could strain the pips out. Unfortunately being frozen, it didn't like it. A loud hiss was emitted followed by clouds of white smoke and a very acrid electrical burning smell. Knocked off the electricity quickly and yelled for DB. He took the offending machine outside (the burnt smell hung about all day in the house) and took it apart. It was possible to save the liquidizer but I didn't want to as I wouldn't trust it not to do the same thing again.

Anyway, the pips went in but personally, I would allow the frozen fruit to thaw and then sieve if you don't want pips! I also froze it overnight so I could remove all the cling film and liner that I had prepared the tin with.

Here it is, one of the two cakes. 

This has slightly less filling in as I concentrated on putting most into the one we will eat tomorrow night. We had a few spoonfuls left over which we ate. It literally melts in the mouth and is best served straight from the freezer. You can apparently use any berries and possibly other fruit as well. It takes very little time to make. The base is meant to be thinner than this so depending on how it cuts (using a knife dipped in hot water) I might make it thinner next time.

I have also made a large quiche and with the leftover pastry, managed to make one lemon marmalade and cranberry pasty. The quiche we will eat over the next 3 or 4 days, so will save me having to cook. 



  1. I'm salivating just looking at those pictures!

  2. Ditto - they look wonderful xx

  3. Raspberry cloud cakes looks and sounds dreamy! Sorry you had a liquidiser incident tho - I agree that the acrid smell when something like that happens hangs around for ages.


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