Sunday, 5 August 2012

Well done and oops...

Well done to all our competitors, in winning Bronze, Silver and Gold medals - so far - but especially to Andy and Laura for getting through to the final matches. At times I had to watch through my fingers as chances were lost but in the end, you triumphed. I know you want to win Gold and hope you do but either way, I am so proud of you. Mind you Andy, playing your mixed doubles immediately after your singles will be a big ask. I hope they give you a bit of a break!
Yesterday was bread making day and what a charade it turned into. I was busy making bread in my mixer and kept looking at it thinking something wasn't quite right. Finally it dawned on me that I had only added half the required amount of flour. Without thinking clearly, I measured it out and added it – yep, with the paddle still moving. Well it promptly threw it back out. Silly me I thought I know, I'll add some more water!
It promptly threw it back out, all over me, the mixer, the worktop, the floor and wall. 

The air was more than blue I can tell you. It was a good job DB was outside or his hair might well have curled and then dropped out!!
Anyhow, it did rise okay and tasted fine but was an absolute pain to clean up.


  1. Whoops!! I hate cleaning up flour and icing sugar in the kitchen it gets everywhere but dough is far worse isnt it?I echo your sentiments about the team GB and hope Andy and Laura do well today.Already they are champions!

  2. Sorry to laugh, but I've been there and got the tee-shirt too!
    Rose H

  3. Ohh dear! I don't envy you - but do envy you your home made bread!

  4. Hi Kim and Rose, the bread did taste very good which is surprising but boy, did it take some cleaning up!


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