Friday, 21 September 2012

An autumn book to whet your appetite...

Once Autumn gets here and I can feel the early morning and late evening chill, smell wood smoke on the air and see changes happening all around, it is time to dig out my all time favourite book.

I make a mug of tea, curl up on the sofa (metaphorically speaking as I can't curl up very well any-more) and read to my hearts content. I have done this for many years now and refuse to read this book at any other time.

It is not only well written with lovely snippets of information, but it has the most sumptuous photographs in it. Before long, I can hear the baking things rattling in the kitchen, demanding to be used. I will then decide what little treasures I will make and off I go.

So what then, is this book:

Country Harvest by Linda Burgess (the photographer) and Rosamond Richardson (the author). There are currently a few going at a reasonable price on Amazon, a few more expensive ones on Ebay. Get in there folks, you will not regret it. I paid around £16 or so for mine new, many years ago now, and these are considerably less!

It just seems to ooze Autumn off every page, you can almost hear the crunch of pine cones and sweet chestnuts under your feet. You'll swear you can smell wet leaves and wood smoke and before long, you too will be in the kitchen. 


  1. I have had a look at this book on Amazon, it looks great. Now I am tempted!!!!

  2. Ooh, I can't wait to see what you're tempted to make!

  3. For some reason autumn always feels like pie baking time to me.

  4. Haven't decided yet what to make but I'll publish photograths when I do.


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