Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Baking madness!

The end date of my recently acquired fresh yeast (Lituanica) draws nigh so I set about making various yeast based bread and cakes. It took me all morning to get them ready and now they are in various states of rising ready to bake.
The first made was 2 loaves of Potato Bread. Here it is proving on my kitchen windowsill in the all too brief sunny intervals. 
Rising steadily if differently! 

and finished breads. 

The cost of each loaf, using the cheapest ingredients I could find, was 60p. This is more expensive than 'normal' bread but it contains mild olive oil, smash and dried skimmed milk. This will last us for the week, with one being frozen until needed.
Next I tackled an 'adapted' Bara Brith. I didn't have currents so made up the quantity from sultana's, a few dried cranberries and sunflower seeds. Then I found I had no mixed spice so used ginger and cinnamon. It is sitting proving in a rather dark but warm cupboard as the sun has gone in! 

Here she is proved and cooked.

Using the ingredients as per the recipe, this worked out at £1.40. We shall cut it in half and freeze some.

Finally, and I must admit, getting a little fed up now, I tackled some Yorkshire tea cakes. Proving in the back room and in the sun (again). 

Risen and finally baked. 

I made a slight error here as I made 16 instead of 12 so they are not as thick as they should be. Nonetheless, making 16 they worked out at 5p each. If I had made 12 they would have been 6.5p each. Again, we shall freeze some and have some for tea with cheese.

I am not very good at working out the cost of cooking the above items, but I still think they are not only cheaper, smell and taste divine but you also know what is in them!


  1. Delicious looking. You have sun? Wow, the sun is a distant memory here today.

  2. Wow they look fantastic DC. I bet they tasted good too. Given me the nudge to get baking again!
    Patricia x

  3. Yep Dan, we had sun but not today, it is raining. At least it will refill my water butts.

    Thank you Patricia - they do taste good but not sure if they tasted any better for using fresh yeast but we do think the potato bread is slightly lighter in texture.

  4. Those all look lovely. I do love currant teacakes - childhood memories of them toasted for tea on Saturdays. We have sun at the moment, but have had some really heavy downpours today, and when J was out on his bike on Monday evening the drains couldn't cope with the rainfall and the water was up to his pedals in places!

    1. Ah, better take flippers when rain is forecast, then he can paddle home!

  5. All these goodies make my mouth water. On a diet and also restricting my bakery intake due to arthritis. I like the look of that potato bread. Would you be able to share the recipe?

  6. Oh my goodness! They all look good. Can you share a recipe for the tea cakes?

  7. Hi Shara and Sarina, will post in the next day or so.


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