Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Continental Shopping...

We drove to King's Lynn today to visit the newly opened Lituanica Supermarket. Having previously lived in and enjoyed German, Dutch and Belgian food, we were hopeful to find some of the items we used to love. We were not disappointed!

They have a huge array of sausage, dumpling, meats, fish, (both in the fridge/freezer cabinets) as well as to buy fresh (some fish in buckets too!) A very nice selection of torte style cakes both to buy whole as well as individual slices. Beautiful bread, pickles, biscuits etc. We didn't buy much – a large jar of pickled paprika (cheaper than elsewhere), a packet of thick ginger cookies and the two items on the left below.

Yes, I know, a 100g yellow packet of fresh yeast at 45p. I haven't seen fresh yeast to buy in nearly 20 years and look forward to using it in my baking - if I can remember how! I imagine if you live near a huge metropolitan city it is possible to get some but not around here. We used to really love Goulasch and even though I have an authentic German cook book, don't particularly like the recipe in it. So, thought we'd give this packet mix a go.

The vinegar is in Tesco at 45p each. Normal white vinegar is still 99p each. As I use it as fabric conditioner along with my frugal laundry liquid, I bought 2 bottles.


  1. I don't think I've used fresh yeast since the days of ' Domestic Science' at school - circa 1977!

  2. In the first few years of our marriage, I could still buy it from Holland and Barrett. Reckon it disappeared from there shortly afterwards.


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