Monday, 24 September 2012

Felted slippers part 2

Welcome to my new follower Pattypan 2.

I am 3/4 of the way through knitting my second pair of felted slippers.

After felting the first pair, I thought them a little hairy so sneaked into the bathroom when hubby wasn't looking (oops, he's just read my blog!) and dry shaved them. They look a lot better now.

Also, as I like to wear slippers without socks on, I was a little worried about 'smelling them out' too quickly. Even though they are very comfortable and warm as they are, I bought off the market, a pair of fleecy liners for £1. After cutting down to size and inserting them, I feel I can rest easy! I didn't cut the liners down as per their lines as they needed to be fatter than they would be to fit a shoe. In this picture, you can just about see the liner.

Some pictures follow of the second pair to give you some idea of how much they reduce when washed.

This one is after casting off 10 stitches either side.

Shaping the foot.

Sewn up.

Size difference.

These are a gift so I will send them like this so my friend can felt and fit them to their size and shape of foot. 

The instructions on how to knit them are on a post dated 2nd September 2012 or under the label entitled making. On the pattern, I forgot to mention DO NOT USE superwash wool as it will not felt.


  1. Those slippers do look cosy!!

  2. They look so toasty and warm, I hate my feet being cold. They make such a lovely and practical gift too.

  3. I love felting things, but have 2 people in the house with wool allergies. Runs in hubby's family.

    Great gift!

  4. I wish I could flipping well knit, as those look really comfy........totally useless with a pair of knitting needles!!


  5. What a great idea - I always have cold feet, so must try to make some! You've been really busy lately - I know I feel like crafting more as the season gets colder (although not today as its 20 degrees here in Christchurch!) :0) Take care, Elizabeth

  6. Although this pattern is for knitting slippers to felt, I'm sure somewhere on the internet I've seen crocheting to felt. They are very warm and as far as winter slippers go, I shall not buy any again, just make them.

  7. Your next slippers are coming along nicely, and it is really a good idea about the liners!

    About the wine bottle bags, the beginning is the most difficult, but when the bottom is made they are very easy to knit. If you want to I'll translate the pattern, just let me know :)


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