Monday, 3 September 2012

Decorating and baking

We went out yesterday to look for things to finish off the lounge. Most of it was window shopping but we did come back with a couple of items, the rest will have to wait.

The curtains need taking up considerably. To reduce the price a little, we bought a width that would mean they are relatively straight when shut but they are fine. The big window curtains have blinds anyway and are only shut when its very cold in winter. The smaller window curtains are shut every night but the bulk of those are hidden by furniture so its not so noticeable. 
There was a slight chill in the air again last night, autumn is around the corner isn't it. Although we are predicted nice days for this week, the evenings will be cooler. I had already decided to do a salad for tea so warmed us up by making a bread and butter pudding. I won't print the
recipe as there are many around on the internet.

I buttered my slices of bread, cut them up, then placed them in the bottom of a small greased lasagne dish.

These were sprinkled with sugar and a few sultana's.

Another layer was added before the milk and eggs. A little more sugar was sprinkled on to help brown the top.

I checked it after 20 minutes in the oven and thought someone had swopped it for half a football such was the rising of the thing. It was quickly whipped out, stabbed to let the air out and put back in.

Another 20 minutes and it was done. 

I've never had one rise so dramatically so next time, I will return to my ad-hoc method. We had half with a little left over evaporated milk. It was yummy!

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  1. Bread and butter pudding is such a comfort food. It`s ideal for autumnal days!


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