Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ultimate Tram Driving Experience at Crich Tramway Museum

Welcome to Brenda Carman via Bloglovin. This is our third cool day on the trot although it is supposed to get humid today!

The main reason we went to DS's and FDiL's recently, was for DB to receive his birthday present from last year, a driving experience at Crich Tramway Museum. He was so surprised with the gift but due to family problems, we had to cancel last year and take it this weekend.

Herewith a few photographs. DB driving and in case you are wondering, the senior training driver is stood off to his right!:
From the front. As you can see the tram is reserved just for us (plus other chap who was driving and his friend), no other members of the public are allowed on:
Moving the trolley pole into position. The chap with him is another senior driver but was conductor for the day. DB had also changed the points just before this:
FDiL switching the trolley pole around at the top of a very steep hill. I did this, it was quite hard work! As you can see, she has the conductor and driver with her:
Finally, just to show we were all enjoying ourselves, a picture of the dogs, who were very relaxed:
We had originally booked the Sunday but for some reason, it got over-booked (only 2 people allowed to drive). Due to this DS and FDiL would also be allowed in for free! We happily moved to the Monday (less people anyway). The day included a welcome drink, instruction for the drivers, lunch for two (turned out DS and FDiL could also have had a free lunch but they had brought pack-up), as many rides (and drives) as they can fit in (we did 4 return drives in the time), a finish drink and cakes, presentation of badge and a goodie bag.

It is a wonderful place to visit, especially on special days, such as Wartime Weekend, Victorian or Edwardian Weekend etc. More information about the driving experience and other general information can be found here


  1. Great place isn't it? only a mile from us, you would have driven past our door! Our youngest daughter lives in Crich, the tramway has some really good events and activities for children during the school holidays.

  2. What a lovely idea for a birthday present! It certainly beats any other activity related gift. Looks like hubby had a great time.

    1. Normally we spend around £10 on each other for such occasions but this was to celebrate a very special birthday milestone last year!

  3. what a lovely sight....never seen a tram in person and would love to. Our love our heritage and history. Thanks for this.

    1. Your welcome. I don't think you have any near you except the Seaton (Miniature) Tramway in Dorset, not quite the same is it?

  4. A place I have never been but it looks like a fun day out.

  5. A lovely idea for a special day.


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