Sunday, 28 September 2014

Preparing and freezing

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When we go away for a few days, we like to take meals with us in some form or the other. We are not keen on eating out every night, mainly due to the financial side of things but also it seems to upset our digestion.

Here are two meals ready for the freezer:

The top one contains oven roasted vegetables, the bottom, cauliflower and broccoli. The bottom picture is after home made cheese sauce has been added. They are sitting in a tray of cold water to cool them down as quickly as possible. Once cool, they will have extra cheese grated on their tops, lids put on and frozen.

Another quick freezer tip for you. If like us, you have difficulty using up flavoured creamed cheese, decant it into freezer trays then when frozen, pop out and store in a tub in your freezer. Each cube is around 2 flat teaspoons or one heaped one:

We tend to only use this cheese for risotto when we take out 2 cubes at the start of cooking. By the time the risotto is nearly ready, the cube is thawed enough to stir in.


  1. Brilliant idea for the soft cheese - I've never come across that one before.

  2. Good ideas, we did similar last year when we went to the car van - I made up 4 foil dishes of pork casserole - we only took one with us! And to be honest, I would never have difficulty using up creamed cheese!! But it sounds good to stir it into risotto.

  3. This is a good way of having small amounts for cooking, I do it with pesto and tomato puree. Concentrated chicken stock, simmered down until it starts to jel anything that is strong flavoured and will add to a meal.

  4. That is a really useful tip Thankyou. Not often I buy cream cheese but it often lurks in fridge so now I know exactly how not to waste it. Your frozen dinners look delicious.
    Ruth Western Australia

  5. Hope you had a lovely time away. We like to take as many meals as we can when we go away, luckily its usually in the caravan where we have a freezer compartment in the fridge. We prefer to eat our own food too. I love anything with a cheese sauce, its reminded me that I used to make a Brocolli cheese with mushroom onion and pasta, with cheese bubbled on the top it was very tasty.

    Thank you for the cream cheese tip, thats a really good idea, I stopped buying it because we were too wasteful, never thought about freezing it.


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