Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A new start?

The ingredients I ordered before my birthday arrived within a few days from here, buying organic where possibly. I also ordered some Baobab oil and blue 10ml dropper bottles from here

Fingers crossed, this first trial might eventually become part of my new skin and body care routine. I'm hoping to cut down or remove altogether where possible, any chemicals or other ingredients I am no longer happy to use. I will allocate a certain amount of money to home made or bought products and subsequent trials until I find what suits me best.

Shampoo and conditioner are sorted and hopefully should remain so. We have already begun to change our liquid soap. I received some lovely products for my birthday whose smell, texture and company ethics I like. Whilst some of those are already in use, others will be saved until after various experiments. After that, I hope to be able to make my own...

I am going to be sensible about this and once a trial batch is made, will use it on my inner forearm for a few days to check for sensitivity. Also, if successful for me, I shall put the link to it under my new tab above "Beauty Products" for lack of a better description! For sustainability though, where I have used home made web based recipes, I shall keep a copy just in case the blog disappears!

More next time!


  1. I hope that you can work it all out to your own satisfaction and to find the right things for you. xx

  2. I'll be following this with interest.....I'm becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of chemicals we're putting on and into our bodies.

    1. I'm already trialling something so shall see how my skin reacts before posting!


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