Thursday 27 August 2015

Giving your blog that personal touch - adding a photograph to the top of it

We are travelling today, so I prepared this post earlier!

One of the reasons some blog's take a long time to load, is either a huge photograph at the top of it or a particular post is photo heavy and the images have been loaded in the size they were taken, which can be very large. My camera for instance produces photographs around 45cm x 25cm, way to big for a blog. Another problem with adding them so large is that it eats up your free storage space.

If possible try to adjust your photographs to about 15cm x 10cm (landscape) or the other way around if portrait. If you don't have a programme such as Photoshop Elements, Photoshop or other such software that came with your computer, don't despair, there are free sites on the web for you to try, such as these:

one here
or here

plus many more. I haven't tried them out but have tried to chose ones where you don't, at first glance, have to register or give out your email!

Anyhow, onto the tutorial, putting your photograph into your blog header.

First of all, go to your home page, the one where you can read new posts by those you follow etc. Towards the top you will find this box, click on the little downward facing arrow:

It will bring you to a new screen, on the left of which is this area. Now click Layout:
You will arrive at a screen which shows the full layout of your blog. I have only posted the bit at the top. On mine, where it says Header, Frugal in Norfolk (Header), you will notice in blue, the word Edit, click on it:
This screen will open:
You can see on this screen shot, taken a couple of days ago, I still had my old image. In blue, where it says remove image, click it. This screen will appear:
I had my image ready and saved on my desktop. Click where it says From your computer Browse...
then go and find the picture you want. Click on it then at the bottom right of your screen, click open. This screen appears, which is very similar to the flower one before but now your new image is showing

I always have the top button pressed which is show and says "Behind title and description", but you could click either of the other two:
At the bottom left of the above screen you will see Save, click it.

This will bring you back to your blog layout screen, the top right of which is this:

Press Save arrangement, then go view your blog. Your new picture should be present.

I hope this all makes sense to you and that the photo resizing sites I have given, will be useful!


  1. Thanks for this, I'm going to have a go at this now! :)

  2. Blogs with photos of any size don't cause a problem with loading time for me, but the ones full of adverts do, especially the moving graphic or mini film adverts. I usually give up and click off after wasting a few minutes waiting.

    1. Me too, mainly because I go to click on something then end up on the wrong link as the page reloads just as I click!

  3. It is fun to play around with these things isn't it! xx

    1. Got to have a play every now and then!


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