Monday, 31 August 2015

Adjusting the rag rug loom

Welcome to Tracey via here.

As I have been working, it became apparent that some adjustments were needed to the loom. The rubber feet put on the back of the top and bottom to protect the wall, were actually causing more damage. Off they came to be replaced by this arrangement:
That seems to work better. Watching video's on rag rug twining, most people seem to sit down but then, their looms are shorter and wider than mine, I prefer to stand. This poses another problem as eventually, the weaving becomes too low down for comfort so some sort of legs are needed to be able to adjust the loom upwards. This is a temporary measure whilst DB sorts out what to do:
It isn't quite high enough so now as I work my way towards the middle, it is stood on a chair which is a little too high. Ah well, once I finish this rug, DB will do the legs (which will be detachable) and that should work better.

As it is, the RSI injury to my left wrist from weaving has become quite painful so whether I can get it finished at the moment, will be another matter.

Joining the rag strips together leaves a lot of ends showing:

so the video recommended buying some arterial forceps:
DB has sawn off one of the locking bits so I can open and close it as I go. Pushing them through from the back allows me to grab bits and pull them through to the back. Also any showing on the back can be pulled tighter. I think you can sew or weave them in once the rug is released.


  1. How helpful of DB to modify your forceps [altho he has ruined your chance of becoming a great brain surgeon now!]

    1. Oh dear, guess I will just have to hold them closed during any future operations!


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