Monday, 11 April 2016

Vertical Blinds...

I am pleased that we only have one set of vertical blinds, and they are in our north facing lounge window. Why, you might ask do we have a set there?

One of our neighbours has a large bright van which when the sun strikes it, sends a glare so bright into our lounge that it prevents us from comfortably sitting in there, watching tv, gaming or reading, all made difficult, such is the intensity of it.

As summer approaches, the sun also moves into a position that gives the same blinding glare from about 2pm until 7pm, when it moves far enough around to be hidden by a house.

Yesterday, DB took them down to give the rail and all its runners a clean and polish as the string was getting difficult to pull without feeling it was going to snap.

Not an easy job as all the fabric slats have to be removed, then the rail turned upside down, whilst numerous bits of polishing cloths and instruments are poked inside to clean it.

Once as good as we can get it, the rail is put back up, all slats added and it is given a couple of pulls to get it running relatively smoothly again.

We haven't yet washed the fabric slats as we know they can start to shred at their edges. When DS and DDiL moved, the conservatory blinds needed washing, what a mess that produced, Shredded fabric everywhere and quite a few of the bottom 'glued' hems fell down, necessitating re-gluing!

Our hems and tops are sewn but we think the shredding down the slides might happen, hence them not getting washed!


  1. To clean our vertical blind slats, we put them in the bath with lukewarm water and 'oxy clean' or similar. Leave them to soak for a while, just moving them gently occasionally. Remove from bath, hang on washing line by means of hooks through the tops, rinse with hose pipe, hang back at window whilst ever so slightly damp. Just make sure you don't actually fold them so as to cause creases. C.

  2. That sounds a job and a half, it's a good job you've only got the one set.


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