Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A few vegetables

Welcome to suepoo via Bloglovin. Two or three thunderstorms here last night and a good amount of rain thank goodness, not too drastic but the road almost flooded over the kerbs.

In bed 1, broad beans have been harvested and some dwarf french beans and lettuce sown in some pots. A sad tomato is also here and some new parsley:
Bed 2 has seed sown leeks and a few leftover beetroot:
Bed 3 has some carrots, lettuce going to seed and the odd beetroot or two:

Bed 4 on the patio has beetroot and Hungarian hotwax chilli peppers in it:
We have had a few beetroot and chillies from here already.

Between beds 2 and 3 is a small herb garden. A baby rosemary in a pot in the middle, thyme, sorrel and oregano in two old green trugs:
Finally on the back mini patio is a raised apline planter:
Although mainly flowers, it also has 3 thymes in it!

Could be doing better but too many things were happening in the family when I needed to be here so the vegetables have suffered a little.

Ah well, onwards and upwards!

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  1. I love growing my own but you do become a slave to the garden making sure everything is fed and watered etc


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