Friday, 7 July 2017

A quick pee...

That was how long the rain lasted here last night. Rumbles of thunder in the distance and it was over. Just shows how the rain varied across Norfolk.

This morning saw me give the garden a good soak as my vegetables are not at all happy and keep drooping. Also with new plants/shrubs in, I need to prevent them getting stressed.

Harvested our second small crop of beetroot for tea and all our small crop of broad beans, for the freezer.

Looking forward to tennis this afternoon, still quite a few British in, including in the doubles.

Have a grand weekend everyone!


  1. Really enjoying the Brits being still in.
    Our storm was rumbles of thunder all round, one flash of lightening and 5 minutes downpour. The rain gauge didn't even register.

  2. A dry winter we say here ... then some storms, climate change and its problems, have a nice day!


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