Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Having a laugh....

Our chiropractor is a very jolly lady who laughs a lot. Absolutely nothing embarrasses her and you can chat about anything, which we do. Whilst DB is being seen to you can here them both laughing and the same happens when I am being worked on.

We had an early light lunch in the nearest Dunelm store where I also purchased a new 9" square silicon baking tray and two flannel mittens. I don't normally use a flannel but am having some treatment at the moment which involves washing off cream before applying a new layer, so a flannel achieves this easier and more cleanly.

All the shrubs we bought for the front gravel garden are in and it is starting to look more how we want the next phase of it to look.

The dead clematis from near the oil tank has been removed and replaced by a goldheart ivy.

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  1. I have a dentist who I call my fun dentist, sort of like your chiropractor. He can always make me laugh.

    1. My dentist isn't jolly but very calm which helps!


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