Thursday, 27 July 2017

On the food front...

Less is more it would seem. Having dieted from January to the end of March due to putting on weight as a side effect from my heart pills (and with the doctor's permission), I came off those pills for a time and kick started our diet with a fortnight of 800 calories a day.

It was jolly hard work I can tell you. After that, we ate about 1200 - 1400 calories a day. Having never calorie counted, that was hard to do as well.

It has, so far, paid off. DB kindly came on it with me as it would have been difficult otherwise. We both lost weight and on the whole, it has stayed off. What we gain one week, disappears the next etc.

I was perusing my tabs above and clicked on the menu one and was amazed to see how much I put on our plates - mind you, they were the smaller sized dinner plates but even so. Neither of us can eat this much per meal now, so guess something has changed inside - stomach size maybe, who knows.

For me a breakfast of a smoothie (250 cals) is the norm, DB still has porridge 5 days a week. Lunch is either soup or a few crackers and cream cheese or a sandwich plus fruit. We might have a small piece of cake or a biscuit in the afternoon if I have baked, but that is usually only once or twice a week maximum (eating not baking). A decent but not overlarge tea and maybe jam and yoghurt for supper. We eat at 5pm in the evening so usually need a small top up around 8pm.

We rarely eat sweets now so that has also changed. DB eats more than me as he needs to not lose anymore weight. He lost 2" off his waist and nearly 1 stone in weight, which has kept off. He feels better for it even if some people comment he is a bit thin. BMI wise, he is still at the upper end so we both feel his current weight is okay for him.

Mind you, as the food prices are continuing to rise, maybe eating less is also better for the purse strings!

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  1. I did weight watchers to lose 19lb but I refused to buy any if their products. I just learnt to stop snacking Ng and eat proper meals. I think retiring from a shift work job helped too.

  2. Well done, I must admit I could do with losing some weight but I keep making excuses for not starting to diet. A little discipline is need.

  3. Well done! The 800 is the only diet for me - quick results help to keep me on the wagon!


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