Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Productive back garden

Thought it about time I showed you some of the back fruit garden. It is suffering a little from lack of rain but is managing to cope reasonable well. First up a ten year old 'dwarf' conference pear:

 Apple Laxtons Superb:
Apple Egremont Russet:
Red Pear:
 Victoria Plum:
 Czar Plum:
We also have a Spartan, James Grieve and Fiesta apple tree but they don't have much fruit this year despite loads of blossom.

New 2 years ago was a greengage which has a few fruit on it. In the fruit cage is a blackberry beginning to fruit, 2 small blueberries which have less fruit than normal on them, a new red gooseberry, a small rhubarb and a blackcurrant.


  1. Very impressive. Are they nearly all dwarf variety?

    1. None are a dwarf variety. I just keep them all tightly pruned!

  2. They look really good, a wonderful variety.


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