Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Two Beauties ....

We visited DS and DDiL this weekend. Got to catch up with the grand-dogs and meet our grand-horse 'Lunar" for the first time. She is 14 months old and with DDiL, attended her first Western riding event.

She is too young to be ridden so did a walk and trot around the ring. I don't understand all the in's and outs of it all, being new to Western riding events and shows but she was nice and calm and did very well.

From what I can gather, they only give rosettes to those who do really well. For example, you might have 6 in the group and only a few (if any) will get an award.

Anyhow, DDiL was stood in the ring at the end and they announced they would be awarding 1 less rosette than those in the ring so she stood there, just happy to have done well.

Her name was called out and there was no response from her for a few seconds, then she realised the 'whoops' of joy from the stable she is with, were for her and Lunar and almost burst into tears, such was her shock - 2nd place!

The other event she was in - 2nd place. Go girls!

Herewith a picture of them both just as they had finished - isn't the braiding of Lunar's mane beautiful:
All in all, a lovely visit and we got to meet horses and riders and see what these things are all about.


  1. Good looking horse but I'm terrified of them.

    1. A stallion had a moment just before she came on but they both remained calm.

  2. Replies
    1. The only horse to have them.

  3. Well done to Lunar and your lovely DIL! Glad you've had a visit. xx


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