Most of the recipes on this page are my own. Occasionally, links take you to recipes by an external author. If you use any of these links, please ensure a link back to the blog of the original author!


Butternut squash - here
King's Soup - here
Pea, bacon & tarragon - here
Potato, chicken, leek & barley -here
Roasted vegetable - here
Sweetcorn - here
Spicy Beetroot - here
Spicy butter bean - here
Spicy tomato & lentil - here
White onion - here


Black Eyed Beans with mushrooms - here
Chicken & chickpea curry - here
Chicken & vegetable cobbler - here  (scones worked better cooked on their own)
Chicken & vegetable risotto - here
Chicken & tomatillo stew (adapted) - here
Chicken wing ideas - Chicken suet pie - here
Courgette Fritters - here
Elaine's rissoles - here

Faggots (adapted) - here
Ham & Potato Cakes - here
Homemade Pasta Bake Sauce here
Impossible Quiche - here
Lemon chicken curry - here
Meatballs (adapted) - here
Pasties - here
Pork Curry - here
Sage, onion and sausage loaf - here
Spicy Sausage & lentil casserole - here
Spicy Sausage & Potatoes - here
Vegetable and meat chilli - here
Vegetarian Thai green curry - here


Bara Brith - here
Bloomer loaf here
Chocolate Refrigerator Cake - here
Cookie mix - here
'Custard' shortbread - here
Cut rounds - here
Date and Oat Slice - here
Drop Scones - here
Gluten Free Bread here
Gluten Free Mince Pies here
Granola (adapted) - here
Granola 2 - here
Malt Loaf - here
Pain De Campagne Bread - here
'Potato bread" (adapted) - here
Pumpkin Muffins - here
Pumpkin Scones - here
Pumpkin Tart - here 
Scones, Fruit or Cheese - here
Soda Bread - here
Welsh Cakes - here
White Bread Tutorial - here


Individual Ginger Puddings - here
Yoghurt - stove top method - here


Apple and Lemon Curd - here

Coleslaw - here 
Coronation chicken sandwich filler - here 
Elderflower & Vanilla Jelly - how to make or original external link  here
Green Tomato Chutney - here
Microwave jam - here
Pam's piccalilli - here
Sloe Berry Chocolate Vodka - here

Sweet Chilli & Tomato Sauce - here

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