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Having finally decided to create a menu for each fortnight, as an aid for shopping, I thought I would copy them here for you to view without having to trawl all through my blog. Many of the recipes can be found under the Recipe tab at the top of my blog, or under recipes in the War Diary tab.

One of the main reasons for creating this page is to show that all these years later, we still stick as close as possible, to what meat allowance would have been allowed under war time rationing. Using the last year of the war as a guide, for 2014 each of us is entitled to £2.25 worth of meat or £4.50 for us both. As you can see, we are still below this amount. IT CAN BE DONE!

Fortnight One Week One

Use mature cheddar for the lobscouse, gives it a good flavour. The toast for this week was home made rye bread. Pork curry had probably 100g in total pork tenderloin, toad in the hole used one sausage per person, de-skinned and rolled into 3 balls each. The rissoles used just 150g of mince for both of us. Total cost of meat for the whole week, for two people was £2.00.

Fortnight One Week Two

Chilli had 300g of best mince and made enough for 4 meals. Use mature cheddar in the cheese pudding. Pizza was made using a scone base. Total cost of meat for the week, for two people was £4.50 (including the second batch of chilli).

Fortnight Two Week One

The cost of ham in the quiche and the wartime ham and potato cakes was £1.60. The pork chops were 50p each (very small ones in a pack!). Therefore the total meat consumption cost for 2 people was £2.60. That is just under the amount for one person allowed under war rations!

Fortnight Two Week Two

The faggots were out of the freezer but cost no more than £1.50 for both portions for the meat element. The chicken was a large frozen breast for 65p, divided between us both, so total meat cost for both of us was £2.15 for the week.

Fortnight Three Week One

The chilli had been previously costed so was free, bacon, liver and sausages came to £2.50 so that was the total cost of meat for this week.

Fortnight Three Week Two

One Bratwurst each cost a total of 66p,the bacon for the pie 50p and the pork for the Goulash was £1.00, using two of the small pork chops from the freezer (we got 10 for £5.00), bringing the total meat cost for the week to £2.16 for both of us.  The next fortnight may be a little more as more expensive meat will be used!

Fortnight Four Week One

The bacon in the leftover pie was 50p, 30p for the risotto. The curry made enough for 2 meals as did the pork and prunes. Therefore, 1/2 a breast of chicken 35p and 1/2 a pork fillet £1.40 for the pork and prunes. Total meat consumption for 2 people this week was £2.55.

Fortnight Four Week Two

 The curry had 1/2 a chicken breast for 35p, leftover pork and prunes 1/2 a pork fillet at £1.40, the chilli had 4oz mince at 96p. The grand total of meat, for both of us for this week was £2.71.

Fortnight Five Week One

The last 3 days are missing as we visited DS and FDiL to organise more wedding things. The tenderloin of pork used in the pie came to £2.82 in total so that was our entire meat for that week.

Fortnight Five Week Two

Back to normal! The meat for the stew was £2.20 in total and the chilli from the freezer had used 96p worth of meat. Total for this week £3.16.

Fortnight Six Week One

The single big breast of chicken cost 75p and the belly pork slices cost £2.28. That brings total meat used for us both for this week to £3.05.

Fortnight Six Week Two

The pork for the spaghetti bolognaise totalled £1.94 and the mini lamb hock (which we removed months ago from an over long leg of lamb) was about £2.50 in total, bringing the meat for this week to £4.44. That is our biggest meat total for the week for a long time but is still within the budget of £4.50 for two adults under war time restrictions. Just goes to show how expensive lamb is!

Fortnight Seven Week One

The breast for the chicken and tomatillo stew was 75p, estimated meat value of the takeaway Chinese was about £1.50 if that so we'll say a total of £2.25 for the week.

Fortnight Seven Week Two

The pork for the curry (which made 3 portions was £2.20/3 = 73p for us both. The bratwursts came to 66p for both of us. That makes a meat total for all meals this week £2.10. We are counting down to Christmas now, so meals continue to be made up from the freezer, fridge and cupboards in an effort to clear some space for freezing festive food!

Fortnight Eight Week One

The ham for the quiche was £1.00 and the beef pie was £3.50, so a total meat cost of £4.50 for the week. Mind you, if I had made the pie myself I could have gotten at least two for that price but I wasn't feeling too good so we bought one instead.

Fortnight Eight Week Two

 Looks a little empty as we were away as well as out one evening for our 'school' Christmas Meal.
No meat used this week at all!

Last full week of 2014

Total meat cost for this week was a shocking £9.54 but we did have an extra person in the house towards the end of the week. Looks like I forgot to change the heading for Saturday. We did not have fish but Beans and Mushrooms.

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