Friday, 1 July 2016


Out on our walk this week, we had to cross several very large fields of oats, and I stopped to asked DB to take a photo and video as he had hold of the camera.

I find oats wafting in the breeze a beautiful site. These are still early in their growth and their heads haven't yet folded over to open:
Herewith a video if it will load from my Youtube account:

Very windy, sorry about that! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

I do love it...

When a difficult piece of family history comes together.

I have been searching for the parents of a child who was born 1774 in Garforth, West Yorkshire. I knew the parents names but the mother, Mary Smith, could have been one of 5 born in that area.

Someone else researching the same Mary Smith had gone with Isaac as a father and it certainly looked about right. Then I used an age calculator and realised she was born too early.

Despite numerous searches online on many occasions, I just could not fathom out which of the remaining 4 would be the correct one.

I widened my search to look at their other children, when they were born, if they diedearly, 3 did,  if the remaining ones had married. Finally, up popped a sibling (Mary!) who married in Tadcaster, a place I would never have looked at.

What finally clinched it was the lovely vicar, being one of those very rare chaps, who when a christening takes place, names not only the parents but the grandparents and where they were from. In this case, they also stated that the grandmother, Mary Smith, was born in Garforth to James Smith.

At last, problem solved and I can now move on again. Hoorah!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Open Garden

Welcome to Jasmaine via Bloglovin. Well done also to Dan Evans for a great win despite a really bad fall halfway through the third set.

Over the weekend, we went to some Open Gardens at Barton Bendish. Unfortunately, they were not at their best as they had a hailstorm the previous day:(

We only took these photographs of Barton Bendish Hall and some of its attractions. The back of the hall overlooking its formal garden:
 Central flower bed with large pond - full of newts!
A view from either end of their 'hot house'

Some now defunct kennels - presumably for hunt dogs?