Monday, 1 September 2014

A peek inside...

Our kitchen food cupboards and 'under the stairs' store cupboard. The latter is a bit of a misnomer as we don't have any stairs but that is what the space is known as!

Lets start 'under the stairs. I posted an article May 2013, on how we converted this space from a disorganised mess into a usable space.

Here is the full width top shelf where we predominantly store preserves:
We hardly drink wine but enjoyed this German white. Unfortunately, the next bottles we bought were a different year and don't taste so nice!

Under this shelf, the cupboard is divided up the middle, from top to bottom. Only the right hand side stores food. This picture was taken the day before this month's monthly food shop so a few more things were added:
Top right are some bottles of nice red wine which we don't drink at all. These are waiting to go out as gifts or to a raffle:
The above picture speaks for itself, bread things, tins and a few packets, kitchen and toilet rolls. Then into my kitchen, starting with top left cupboards. This one is odds and sods for baking and needs topping up a little:
Middle cupboard, with the spice rack attached to the door. Upside down jars indicate they need filling. Tupperware containers house cereals, rice, pasta, dried fruit etc:
Next, the dehydrated jars and extra dry foods:
Then the corner cupboard, drinks and other odds and sods again. This needs a bit more of a tidy and sort out:
The final top cupboard is jars, packets, tins and more dried goods:
Each month we do a monthly shop (delivered) from a supermarket of anything that is needed to replace things that have run out plus fresh food. Every 10 - 14 days, (depending on how things have lasted), we do a top up of fresh food. Our food bill has slowly dropped by about 20% from last year.

In fact, we are now spending only 15% - 20% more than we did when on war rations during the 1990's! I'm hoping that now we are using a menu this should drop more, or remain the same, as prices continue to rise. That isn't too bad considering the ever increasing price of food. We also have a 3 drawer indoor freezer and a tall unit outside. We could easily live off and empty these cupboards right down for 2 or 3 months if needed but then, it would cost us an arm and a leg to build them back up again.

I finally realised that the system my lovely mother in law used to operate (in her proper pantry under the stairs!), of use one item, buy another but also have one spare actually works.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

New Car Tax Rules

Welcome to some new followers via Bloglovin - Louise, Ramona Strnad, Clare Klesel, Isla Netten and Jane Lynch. Also Tillytrotter via here.

For those of you who live in the UK and don't know about the upcoming changes to the displaying of our car tax discs, here is a link, so you can read about it for yourselves, see here
These changes take place on 1st October 2014.

Quite a few people are also giving up their TV licences to save money. If you are one of them or are thinking about doing so check out this link first, to make sure you won't be breaking UK law. Another word they could have used to make things a little clearer to some is watching/recording LIVE TV means you need a tv licence!

They say they won't be sending you a reminder letter but remember, they will probably still check out your address with their detector vans (if they still use them), so don't be tempted to do this to save money and then watch/record live programmes. A £1000 fine would be devastating to your finances.

Also, I have just realised that my War Diary Year IV is not up to date, so that has also been added. Hope you enjoy the read! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Liverpool Wedding

We spent the day in Liverpool last Saturday, attending the wedding of my lovely nephew L. and his lovely bride Y. We enjoyed the wedding breakfast, good northern food. Tomato soup to begin, roast turkey as a main and profiteroles to finish.

We needed to get back to DS and FDiL's not too late to sort out the dogs before bedtime so didn't get to spend much time at the evening do. There was one of those photo booths where you get dressed up and have an instant photo done, we didn't do that as it wasn't ready, a candy cart full of sweets, what looked like a nice buffet (didn't have any as we left before it was fully out!) and a disco.

They met on the internet, taking their time getting to know each other before L. popped the question. It is his first marriage and he looked in heaven:
His bride is a widow. The young man on her left (right as you see him here) is her son, and the bridesmaid in red, her daughter, don't they all look smart:
At the reception, her son (17) made a short but sweet speech and mentioned how glad he was that L. was now part of their family as he had brought such happiness to their house!

Final shot at the reception, unfortunately Y, is looking elsewhere:)