Thursday, 18 January 2018

Almost like February...

Normally, the weather in January is cold, grey and just plain miserable!

For the past two days though, and indeed this morning, we have had blue skies. I have been able to half line dry the washing before finishing it off indoors.

The sun has shone but despite it, it is still very cold with a brisk wind. Even had to put a coat on to hang out the washing!

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Making jam

We have quite a lot of fruit in the freezer from 2015 and 2016 to use. Whilst we love crumble, we really don't want to be stuffing our faces with it every day. Normally, puddings are reserved for the weekend, helps to keep our weights level.

Pulling out some plums from 2015 and blackcurrants from 2016, the plums in particular were checked to make sure they hadn't gone fizzy! All was well and I managed to make 4 jars of jam plus a small bowlful to have for the next couple of nights, with yoghurt:
Two of them didn't pop their lids into position for a complete seal, so their labels have 'use first' on them. Lovely jubbley!

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


First of all, welcome to Valerie22522 via Bloglovin.

DB has gone shopping to spend his Christmas book voucher. He said he hadn't had one for years, so I bought him one. He loves book shops and could happily spend an age in them, me not so long. I would rather him enjoy himself browsing than have to worry about me wanting to move along!

I think he is also looking for/at shoes as he is down to his last pair that he uses every day. Whilst heels and soles can get replaced on certain types of shoes, these have an enormous split on the sole and are not the kind that can have a replacement fitted.

Does anyone still repair their shoes nowadays?

One of the presents I received from DS and DDiL was one of these:
I haven't started it yet but hope to do so soon.

They also gave me a large envelope thing full of used coffee grounds, ideal for my blueberries! Thanks guys.