Friday, 27 May 2016


All quiet here today. The dining room painting is finished, we have had our walk around the village inner square of roads - 1 mile - and are settled down with a cup of tea watching tennis.

I have transplanted salad thinnings, sown radish and watered them in. A little later, I shall move the tomatoes out of the cramped mini greenhouse for the day.

Eight more squares of crochet are awaiting their green outer border, before being joined into pairs. After that they will be sewn into a row, then added to the blanket.

We hope to visit Houghton Hall International Horse Trials and vintage fair, sometime over the weekend. That's it folks, so have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

How long?

We celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary today although celebration is a bit of a misnomer today.

DB is busy painting the skirting boards in the dining room as well as repairing a bit of concrete floor near the outside door. I have just cleaned the bathroom and have now settled down for a while. We rarely buy each other presents so were going to treat ourselves to meal out at our local pub. They didn't have any tables left for today so we shall do that tomorrow!

The sky is as grey as dishwater, the temperatures are currently around 11C so I certainly don't plan on doing any gardening or even putting washing on as it just won't dry - says she - wringing her hands:)

Yesterdays bread making nearly turned into a disaster. I really must type out the doubled up recipe rather than just trying to remember it. I got everything mixed in the processor but it turned into a solid lump - doh - I had forgotten to double up the liquid.

Eventually it got sorted out, rose fine and was baked but we haven't tried any yet so hopefully it will taste fine.

Still, the flowers are increasing in the garden with the little slimline irises coming into bloom:
 All is well!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


First of all, well done to Heather Watson, Kyle Edmund, Andy Murray and Aljaz Bedene for all coming through the first round of the French Open (a bit of a close call there Andy). Laura Robson and Johanna Konta have yet to play later today.

We are decorating the dining room, the last room to be done for quite a while we hope. It is a room with 4 entrances into it so gets very grubby. Also, although the Farrow and Ball paint that is currently on the walls is lovely, it isn't easy to wipe clean.

We have gone for Dulux Mineral Mist, which isn't quite the shade we wanted but the closest to it. The colour needs to blend in with the furniture we already have but as this is the last room to be fully decorated, it will have new curtains and carpet.

The previous curtains are going to a family member so will not be wasted. The carpet may go into the attic for insulation on its floor, if we can lift it up there.

The current carpet has been down quite a few years now and is getting flat with some interesting whorls appearing in it which DB tells me, is very hard to hoover over as it is similar to driving a car over speed bumps. Hard on the wrists!

Chosing a carpet was a right pain as blue is not an in colour at the moment, same with the curtains, which we still haven't found. Herewith the sample of carpet with the old and new paint, new paint on the left:
Below is the wall which normally houses a huge mirror to help throw light into the room, edges currently painted.
It isn't getting any easier as we age, both of us were aching like mad after the first day. Two walls have had two coats of paint and furniture temporarily put back. The last two walls should have both coats finished by tomorrow. Then we start again with the skirting boards.

We went to Reed's in Downham Market to look at curtains and found just the right pair but not with eyelets. They wanted between £59 and £75 to change them from gathered pleated tops to eyelets, we decided against it so are looking again. 

Onwards and upwards.