Friday, 13 July 2018


Ruby is still doing well at training, although at times, all the dogs get distracted by each other, despite being on leads.

We tend to not do training bouts with her at home, preferring the more stealth approach. This involves reinforcing sit, down, leave it, come, go find, heel etc, every time we need to do something.

Sit - for doors to open, same for crossing the road, collar and lead being put on, being ready to eat.

Down - mostly for laying down.

Leave it - mainly out and about for don’t even think of chasing that bird, or pick up anything, or try to rush at people and dogs. First we say leave it, then sit, then leave it etc, until  she sits and waits. We are also trying this command, now she is getting to grips with it,to get her to let go of her toy. Dead wasn’t having any effect.

Come - still very much a work in progress.

Go find - retrieve a toy or go find DB or me if hiding out on a walk and she is off lead in a field etc.

Heel - on lead we say heel to get her to move from sit to walking, leading with our left legs. Apparently leading with the right leg will be for the different command of sit and stay put.

She has finally understood about indicating to us to go out to toilet. We have been so pedantic about taking her out so often, we didn’t think she would learn to indicate at all.

So, for 20 weeks old, all the above is going well. BUT, and there always is a but isn’t there, she still has the tendency to try to bite and jump onto our laps.

Have a grand weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Today has dawned cool, chilly and breezy, 14C. It is a brief welcome respite from the heat, which is due to return tomorrow.

Ruby was an absolute so and so for a few hours yesterday. Zoomies x 3, jumping on us, jumping up everywhere, barking, snarling, growling etc. She was told off, corrected numerous times before being put in ‘jail’ twice. She finally calmed down and went to sleep - phew.

DB shed blood twice trying to manhandle her off him. She was like a whirling dervish!

Her usual sweet self this morning, chewing on a Whimzee, by my feet - gulp!!!

Welcome to Sandy Vanya via Bloglovin.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

You would think.....

According to the BBC and our newspapers, that there are no British tennis players left in Wimbledon. Nothing could be further from the truth. In doubles we still have: Jamie Murray, Dom Inglot and Joe Salisbury. In mixed doubles we have Jamie, Heather Watson, Harriet Dart and Jay Clarke, who are playing some absolutely brilliant tennis by the way.

Wheelchair events has Alfie Hewitt (Norfolk), Gordon Reid and Lucy Shuker.

Are these players considered lesser people, simply because they are not singles players?