Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Probably ...

The largest carrot I have ever grown:

It was crispy and tasted great. We grated it with pear to make a salad for tea. All our newly planted lettuces have been attacked by something in the soil, not slugs. So, needing something fresh to go along with some potatoes and Bratwurst, we came up with the above salad and thoroughly enjoyed the taste and texture.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Choosing wool...

I stood in front of the gynormous array of wool in the shop, holding up my crochet squares to see which colour to choose. Black was just too much a contrast, so in the end, I went for Emperor Purple:
It isn't quite as dark as shown here and compliments the other colours well. Methinks my jerkin may look quite nice and bright when finished. Time will tell.

Yesterday I eventually gave up, for the second time, on a square. Every time I got back to the beginning, it was obvious, something had gone wrong on the first treble. Pulled out several times, redone several times, still wrong, in the bin as it became baggy!

Monday, 21 August 2017


We finally had blossom and fruit on our relatively new greengage tree. It is grown again a fence and I am never sure how to shape/train it so decided to treat it like the other two plums (even though you aren't really supposed to prune them).

We ate 2 each and the rest, just 380g that were left:
Were made into jam in the microwave:
It hasn't quite set properly but will be lovely stirred into yoghurt. Or, I could decant them back into a jug, add a little grated apple and lemon juice and boil for another few minutes.