Monday, 25 September 2017

Lamb Casserole via my thermal cooker bag...

Thought it about time I started using this again, although in reality, it could have been in use for a lot of this 'summer' should we have wished!

A thermal cooking bag (how to make one is on my tutorial tab), is similar to a slow cooker but once your food has been started on the cooker top, it is tucked up inside and doesn't use anymore electricity unless you want to reheat the contents.

I fried a diced onion, followed by two lamb leg steaks. Diced carrot, swede and pearl barley were added, along with boiling water. Once the pot had been brought up to a boil, it was cooked for 10 minutes before being transferred into the bag:

We find it better to use two people for that stage as holding the lid in place whilst the drawstrings are pulled tight is a bit of a fiddle but one person could do it. It was left wrapped up for 5 hours then opened and the contents tested. It was 3/4 done:

I forgot to add the diced potato at the beginning for some reason, so they were then added, pan back on stove and brought back to the boil for another 10 minutes.

If I hadn't have forgotten them, the saucepan would have been left tucked up for 8 hours before being inspected. By then, it should be done (providing you have cut everything up into small enough chunks) and all it will need is a final heat up to thicken.

Once thickened and a stock cube added, we served up all but 3 ladles of it, along with some home grown runner beans:
Yes, we could have used it all but I wanted those 3 ladles for another day!

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Food money....

Either prices have dropped slightly or I have been canny with my shopping this month. Either way, having £35 leftover is a pleasant surprise. I shall put it to one side for stocking up, or using throughout the rest of the year as and when needed!

It was very misty this morning but hopefully the sun will soon burn it away. I want to get the winter quilt aired ready for changing over at the end of the month. We are now officially in Autumn in all definitions and this morning reflected it.

Our heating has been on for quick bursts, but so far, we have got away with no morning heat. Every little helps.

Have a lovely weekend folks!

Thursday, 21 September 2017

GF Toad in the hole

I chose to do this in the silicon square pan to see how it would go. Herewith fresh from the oven:
It rose well and lifted out easily. Here is the 'pan' after the toad was removed:
So easy to clean and nothing stuck at all. I had already used my muffin pan for GF Yorkshires as they have a tendency to stick. They also rose well in that and lifted out cleanly.

The link for GF Yorkshire puddings is under my Gluten Free tab.