Monday, 30 March 2015


First of all, welcome to Andrea Marley-Lawson via Bloglovin.

On Saturday we went across to Fakenham to pop into the church, see the crafts and visit Lynne from the Textile Treasury.

After that we wandered around the monthly Farmers Market where we saw a mutton stall, fresh that morning, direct from their own ewe's. The company was this one

We love mutton but can rarely find it. She said it wouldn't be around in the summer as no one wants to buy it then. I spent £10 on about 1.2kg of mutton, getting two leg stakes (with just a small bone in the middle) and a thick neck fillet. That will be the last meat I buy for quite a while now.

We still have a reduced in price leg of lamb in the freezer that we bought for Christmas but didn't get around to using. Think that will be used over Easter, as a roast, then pies etc to go back into the freezer.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Gate Marking by Dog Kidnappers and Burglars!

Not being a dog or pet owner in general, I had never heard of this but apparently, it is on the increase. This article here shows the kinds of potential burglary/dog taking marks you might find either on your gate, fence, door, wall or pavement

Other markings might be those written about here

Why are they marking, sometimes it is to mark you for being burgled, or to steal your dogs for breeding but more sickening, is to steal your dogs for dog fighting.

If you are a pet owner, and in particular a dog or cat owner, do you have CCTV, especially if you leave your pets outside all day. If not, have you thought about getting it?

It really worries me that people seem to put so much about who they are, where they live, what they own, where they work, what their names are etc, so freely on social media. It has become the norm to share such things but never under-estimate the power of social media, both good and bad.

On social media sites, it is quite common to use your name, what job you do, where you do it, how long your days are, even the village, town or city where you live. It doesn't take much to then trace where you live. If you live at a, work at b, link to your partner's site and they also say they live at the same a, but work at either b, or c, and your site has your real names, it is child's play to work out when you are not at home!

Sharing adorable pictures of your puppy or kitten, your dog or your cat, especially if they are competing or winning prizes. Lovely for your friends and family but also easy targetting information for unscrupulous people. Please stop and think.

It is quite a frightening thought that these people often identify their targets from a distance, even following you home after walking your dog, before leaving their mark which can be as simple as the letter K in chalk. Some audacious nappers even take the dogs when they are running freely out on their walks.

Have I got you thinking, good. Do something about it and ensure you are not the one targeted next time.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Coffee and coffee pod waste...

After the rain, wind, dull light and cold wind, we have awoken to a sunny but cold day. Washing is in the washer and will soon be drying on the line. I shall wrap up later on and dig up some more plants that are in the path part of the front gravel garden.

I checked yesterday on the peas and radish sown a few weeks ago and the radish have now got their seed leaves above the soil. One pot of tomato seedlings are also into daylight.

I love a latte coffee on the odd occasion when we eat out and DB surprised me the other day by ordering a milk frother and two latte glasses plus spoons:
Our first attempt wasn't too shabby:
However, when doing us a normal milky coffee we heat the milk for both cups in the microwave on full for 3.5 minutes and it is usually very hot. After following the instructions which came with the jug, you can only do one at a time and it wasn't very hot.

Blow this I thought, lets heat enough milk for both glasses and push the plunger to froth the milk more gently so it doesn't overflow whilst I'm doing it.

As it happens, you can get away with it and our second attempt was far better and much hotter. It is a bit of a faff and there is an extra pot to wash but it tasted good.

Having read about how many zillions of plastic non-recyclable coffee pods are contaminating the planet, we didn't want to go down that line. Also, we are primarily tea drinkers but did want to drink a nice coffee occasionally so opted for this method.

We use it with normal instant coffee and all is well. Might also try it with chocolate...

Have a lovely weekend folks despite the weather forecast.