Saturday, 17 November 2018

Getting harder to stick to budget some weeks

It would be easier to just up my new food and toiletries budget a tad but I’m still trying hard to keep within it and succeeding most weeks. I increased it from £35 to £40 a week in Spring as rises started occurring then. Most months there is around £10 - £15 left which gets put to one side for winter. Meat is a treat or an add on flavour now as it’s price continues to rise.

Food price rises are noticeable now though. At the start of the year, our loose tea was about £2.25, today it is £2.70! When I bought tinned apricots a few months ago, they were 48p, today 80p. Our large jar of coffee was £4.50, today it is nearly £7. However, it was on offer in Lidl for £4.98 rather than £6.78 elsewhere.

I was discussing it with the cashier and she too had noticed it, going as far as it say it wasn’t just a few pennies either but 20p or 30p a time.

Started my Brexit box in earnest today and I feel better now. If we have a poor winter it will come in handy then, if not, it will keep. Bargains today were 2 packets of good oats for £3 (cheap ones make me feel sick) and 2 tubs of custard powder for £2, plus of course the coffee.

I have written dates and prices on each item and will sort out an inventory list to keep it in order, I love lists. I have money put to one side for this food plus enough for a food bank shop. When shopping for that, I go online first to check what they actually need.

Every £2 coin we get through the year is saved for Christmas. How are you all coping?

Friday, 16 November 2018

Been and gone....

A new blogger got in touch the other day, asking how to begin the frugal journey. For whatever reason, her blog has disappeared, I do hope everything is ok and she wasn’t put off by the processes us bloggers were suggesting.

It got me thinking and next week, I’ll go over what why’s and wherefores I found useful, just in case, the info will be of use to someone, somewhere.

Did you hear on the news the other morning that Premier foods are starting to stockpile certain food lines?

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Random thought....

we were sharing a Bounty Bar the other day when I suddenly thought, when did the cardboard base disappear from inside the packaging?