Wednesday, 4 March 2015

On their way home....

Today, DS and DDiL will be on their way home from their honeymoon. They stayed here

The weather has been quite bad with regard to snow and quite scary driving but they did want snow and that is what they got. They couldn't wait to test drive the outdoor hot tub, under the night sky, surrounded by snow! Must have been very cold getting out and back into the bothy:)

However, I shall feel more content (and I'm sure DDiL's mother will as well), once we know they are safely back on local terra ferma. I think their dogs will be glad to see them as well. We never seem to stop worrying about them do we, even though our heads tell our hearts that it doesn't achieve anything (other than worry!).

Hasn't the wind been cold lately? I have had my seed potatoes chitting for nearly a week now, in the conservatory, still they are just sitting there, can't say I blame them. I think I might transfer the perspex covers to the raised bed where they will be growing this year and start warming up the soil a little bit so they don't get such a shock when they are planted.

The cover has been on a bed for several weeks now, warming the soil just a little ready to start sowing lettuces and such like. Once it is removed, I shall replace it with the net covers and fleece.

Gardener's World begins this Friday but the programme I am really waiting for is Beechgrove which begins April 2nd on BBC Scotland or Sunday April 5th on BBC2. You'll need to check out what station BBC Scotland is on as it varies so much.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


I really enjoy the simplicity of preparing my shopping list according to the menu, it seems to get easier each time. Herewith our meals for the next fortnight:

Bratwurst, potato wedges & beans
Courgette pasta
Impossible quiche over 2 days
Vegetable Thai curry
Pork with prunes
Vegetable Fritters
Mushroom Risotto
Chicken & Chickpea curry
Toast x 2 (walking days)!

We never have to think about lunch as it will always be soup, or a sandwich, or crackers and most things for those come out of the general shop.Things to think about after the menu shop are oats for breakfast, tea, coffee, toiletries etc.

We spent £24.98 in Lidl and what we couldn't get there, bought in Morrison's for £18.53. That is a total of £43.51 for 2 weeks, including making a batch of faggots for later use and which are not part of this particular menu! Not too shabby is it?

Herewith the shopping, minus some freezer bags and 3 x 2 litres of milk already put away in the freezer:
It includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, some nuts, a bit of chocolate, wheat-germ and oat-bran for each breakfast added to our porridge.

There was a guy in front of us who we hoped was buying just his weekly pack-up as it didn't look particularly healthy. It came to nearly £19 and consisted of two French sticks, a tub of ham, a jar of chocolate nut spread, crisps and biscuits. £19 - goodness me, we fed two of us for 3 meals and supper each day for a whole week for £20 - twice!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Not a lot to say...

We have had a very quiet weekend, just catching up with chores etc. DB has been busy out in the garage, re-jigging shelves, things that hang on the wall etc. He/we still have the rack that holds all the gardening tools to dismantle once the tools are on hooks on the walls. This has now given us more room to walk around the car (when it is in there) to reach the outdoor freezer, tumble dryer etc. A much needed improvement.

I have just updated the menu page with our meals for the last week. Mainly vegetarian so hardly any cost on the meat side at all. I made us a good amount of pea soup, it was a right stick to your ribs affair:
On the second and final day, it was so thick, I could actually stand a spoon upright in it. It was thinned down with quite a bit of milk then had some mint sauce stirred into it. Yummy!
We hope to go out and buy the food for our next fortnight's menu sometime this afternoon. We are currently waiting for the BT Engineer to come and wire up the new hub and test the line. Once he has been and all is working well, we can go shopping.

I had a look at the long range weather forecast for this month. Providing it is anywhere near correct, it seems we are in for a month of changeable days. One warm but with cold nights, followed by a cold day with cold nights, then warmer again, all the way through. Any form of seed sowing will wait until nearer the end of the month.

I am still busy knitting my little purple top, takes me ages. I think if I had to knit to clothe myself, I wouldn't be out in public for a year at least!

Not exciting is it, just life things!