Monday, 26 January 2015

Food Challenge Day 1 and stomach investigations!

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Yesterday was the first day on the food challenge and it went quite well. We had cheese on toast for lunch, then (a very small) roast chicken followed by bread and butter pudding with yoghurt and honey:

It was a tad boring having just one vegetable, especially as I have leeks in the garden, but needs must. I made 4 bread and butter puddings (4 slices bread, 2 eggs plus milk made up to 600ml, a little sugar and a few sultana's), in our mini pudding tins:
The 2 tins on the right had sage and onion stuffing in them. We served up 4 dinners and 4 puddings, the last two of which we shall have for tea Tuesday night.

The bones from the chicken were picked clean, which gave us a small handful of chicken towards soup, the bones were boiled and the stock kept. It is now being turned into a big saucepan full of chicken and vegetable soup for several lunches this week.

We got hungry around 9.00pm (after my normal cut off time of 8.00pm to help avoid feeling sick during the night) so had one slice of bread and jam which filled us up.

All our evening meals will appear on the menu tab above as per normal. As the oven has to be on tonight to roast some vegetables for tea, I shall take the opportunity to bake us a small cake of some kind as well.

Forgot to let you all know that all my stomach investigations gave me the all clear, both on investigative procedures and biopsies. I have neither GERD (link here) or ulcers, or stomach cancer (the early symptoms of which mimic GERD), or any inflammation at all, for which I am most grateful. The day time nausea has gone away and the night time one is less annoying, since stopping eating after 8pm and drinking after 9pm (3 hours before bed time as recommended).

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Well, I never thought I would say this, this early in the year but both yesterday and today, have dawned sunny but cold:

These look like con trains from aircraft but are in fact clouds (con trails go in the other direction over us). The pictures don't do them justice but they were so ethereal and pretty.

Yesterday I finally got the manure on all the fruit, both soft and trees. I have saved some to put under the roses but as they are covered with gravel, need another dry day to scoop it back, lay the manure then re-cover with the gravel. In the mean time, I have begun to cut back things in the front garden that didn't get done in the Autumn. I have only done 1/2 an hour but filled one large container. A tea break is being taken now, then the roast chicken to go on for the start of the food challenge.

Once both those things are done, I shall return for another 1/2 hour of pruning. Won't do any more than that as my fingers get too cold.

I have updated the menu tab with last weeks (6 rather than the normal 7) meals as the challenge is beginning today.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bread, yogurt making and stuff

Although I post pictures of our weekly bread which we normally slice into 16 slices each, I thought I would let you know what is in the ones I made today:

4oz rye flour, 2 lb of strong white, 1 sachet only of yeast, 2 tablespoons oil, water to mix, 2 teaspoons salt, good 2 tablespoons of golden linseed, same of sesame seeds and a good handful of combined sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

The loaf on the right was baked in my silicone loaf tin Christmas present from DS and FDiL, leftover dough in a normal tin. The silicone baked one may not fit our slicer, if not, we shall keep it for cake making instead. It was allowed to prove inside the silicon one inside a tin but once out of captivity spread a little too wide. Ah well, maybe it should have stayed inside the tin whilst baking. Answers gratefully received!

Although my recipe tab at the top shows us making yoghurt using the cooker, we now have a yogurt maker. However we don't follow its instructions as we found the end result too thin. We mix 2 tablespoons of dried milk with some of the 1 litre of milk we will be using. The the rest is added to the jug. The jug of milk is heated in our microwave for 8 minutes until hot but not boiling. The jug then gets put into a bowl of cold water for 13 minutes until the milk is cooled to 40 C, leftover yogurt is stirred in, then it goes into the electric maker for 6 hours. Once done, the inner part holding the yogurt goes straight into the fridge to get cold. This does us both for 3 - 4 puddings and leaves enough left for the next batch:

The gap at the top is space rather than liquid!

DB sent this link to me, which we both found interesting and thought you might as well read it here
We don't have anywhere near that number of items so some people must have loads. This is what we have done with some of our 1000 items for moving on, so far this month:

Cushions x 5


Flip Flops

Matchbox Cars x 25


Matchbox Car Yes

Little Tray


Next Sofa




Rusty Camping Stove