Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Saving water...

Firstly, Happy St. George's Day!

Also, welcome to Primroses Attic and from Bloglovin - Nikki.

I read recently, that the average sized roof, in a year of average rainfall, allows 85,000 litres of good rainwater to flow down the gutters and into the drains.

These last few weeks in East Anglia have, on the whole, been very dry, but changing this week! Being on a water meter, (which has saved us on average £400 a year), we have to watch our use of tap water in the garden.

Last year, and especially in that short but very hot Summer, we invested in a small pond pump to take the bath water out of the window and into containers for our flowering plants. It was barely enough so more needed to be done.

Before the rain overnight, I had already used our black dustbin of water and started on one of the 3 water butts behind the garage. Only aesthetic reasons have stopped us having slimline butt/s down our narrow driveway, or water butts in the front garden. No more!

This week we bit the bullet and ordered some on-line, as we were having no luck at all wherever we went, to find any that were usable despite their price stickers on the shelves! On average, a 220 litre butt was anywhere from £35 to £40, then there was the stand (we have run out of bricks/slabs), plus the down-pipe diverter kit and connecting kit. Not a cheap option initially, but in the long run, it saves lots of water from being drawn on our meter.

We remembered a special offer the other year from Anglian water, linking to this company here
and ordered what we needed. It would seem the more you buy, the cheaper they get, so again, not necessarily cheap in the first instance. More importantly than cost in my eyes though is health, it will save my back from lugging cans of water from round the back of the garage, through the back garden, down a path, through a gate, into the front garden, over and over again. When these are in situ, I shall only have a carry them for a few feet.

I have no idea if your own water company does this. If not, I can't imagine that only Anglian water customers can order from here, we didn't have to give any proof that we were with them although our delivery address probably gives it away!

I'll let you know when they arrive and show you where we have put them. About 28 days delivery.

Monday, 21 April 2014

3 part guide to making a back-up of your entire blog!

Part I - Backing Up Your Template (what your blog looks like)

People write blog's for all kinds of reasons and there can be nothing more heartbreaking than to try and open your blog and find it has disappeared!

I am trying to get into the habit of downloading my blog template, blog posts and photographs, once a month. That way, should anything happen, I will hopefully have a copy to upload or at least keep as memoirs. This is not difficult to do but it does take time.  

To begin:

Login into your account. When I log in, my dashboard opens but you may have to get to yours. Find and open up your dashboard, then follow these instructions. Sorry for the slightly fuzzy appearance but this is a tidied up screen shot and helps save room in my Picasa album!

I have a folder on the desktop of my computer called "Blog Backup" where I store all these downloads. When I save next month, I make sure they are put into this folder, before I delete the old ones!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!

A normal day for us, knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening, washing, ironing etc. All household jobs have been done for today. I have managed to get most things planted in the garden that needed doing. A line of washing is blowing in the stiff but not too cold wind.

The strawberry trough table has been re-jigged again and now all the strawberries receive sun and rain in equal quantities. There are some small flower buds forming as well:
The first Blueberry is in full bloom, the second will come into flower a few weeks later and the gooseberries have flowered and are beginning to swell their fruit-lets:

I even have 4 flowers opened and pollinated on the Blackberry! The first small rows of crimson flowered Broad beans have come through. Some were too close together and have been transplanted further apart. With the sharp shower of rain we had this morning, they seem to have survived.

I shall begin sowing beans this week and plan on sowing just 4 climbing varieties,  3 French - Cobra, Major Cook's Lucky Dip and Blue Coco and 1 Runner bean - Desiree. There is after all, just the two of us.

We have 11 tomato plants just transplanted, still very small, 3 varieties - Tigerella, Bambino and Orange Bourgain:
The picture above, at the front, also has 2 tomatillo's and one Cucamelon in the tray.

As last year, some of the tomatoes and all the beans will be grown down near the garage, but will be switched around, to practice crop rotation (even if it is only bi-annually)!