Friday, 4 September 2015

Yum, yum and yum!

We will be helping DS and DDiL move soon so thought I would get ahead and do some baking to keep our energy up!

First off was 1/3rd of the flapjack recipe from here  You will need to scroll down to find the recipe. Mine ended up a little too thin and crunchy but very tasty so next time, I will use 1/2 the recipe in the same sized tin. We also could not cut it for the same reason so just broke it into chunks which filled two of these containers:
Next up was Gingerbread or in this case large muffins. The recipe for this comes from here  Be warned though, this was very runny and I had to pour it into a jug to 3/4 fill 12 large muffin paper cases:
I also added two grated balls of preserved ginger. We shared one with a cup of tea, the rest will be saved.

Finally, having done that plus other things, the weather was so cool we decided to have our first proper autumnal meal of mutton mince, potatoes, home grown mixed beans:
Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Welcome and War Diary Update

First of all, welcome to Cheryl Coxhead via here and Elaine Baron via Bloglovin.

We have been quite busy of late so I have only just realised the August entry for the 5th year of the War Diary was not updated on time. That has now been uploaded so hope you enjoy the read!

Although weather and gardening wise, we are now in Autumn, I was taught at school that Autumn doesn't start until the 23rd September, the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, when day and night are a similar length! So for me, despite the cooler temperatures, we are still in Summer even if I have been using a small blankets over my legs in the evening!

There is however, a definite change in the air, damp cool mornings, evening drawing in resulting in curtains been shut earlier and lights going on and the start of the rise in electricity costs!

We have just filled our heating oil tank. By judicial use of the central heating and relying more on the wood burner during these colder months, we only need to fill it once a year rather than twice. For the first time since we have lived here, the cost was just over £250 for nearly 800 litres. We still had nearly 200 left from last July. A-m-a-z-ing!

I am not a big fan of heat and know for sure, I couldn't live in a hot country given the choice. Autumn is my favourite season, followed closely by Spring, then Winter and finally Summer.

I just love the change of seasons and am so grateful we live in a country where 4 seasons appear, even if some of them are now beginning to merge:)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015



We have to laugh at ourselves. Having decided we were going to visit a country show last Saturday, we got up a little earlier, made our pack up, got the car out of the garage, checked our money. Nope, we needed a little more otherwise the admission charges wouldn't leave us anything to spend.

Double checked the brochure to check the prices (something we had done only the night before), still didn't twig - can you guess where this is going?

Yep, we had got the wrong weekend! Memory, don't you just love it! Anyway, we had our pack up for lunch, got on with other jobs and generally just lazed around - bliss!