Monday, 28 May 2018


We have just had our 37th wedding anniversary. Don’t do much nowadays, but walked down to a local eatery to have lunch. DB had hunter’s chicken and a pint of Guinness. I had a fruit juice and ham, egg and chips. We walked a longer way home to walk off the calories!

Our 19C weather yesterday turned into 26C. We had our hot lunch outside then all came into a slightly cooler interior of 22C! Ruby didn’t know what to do with herself so we put her in her crate and she fell fast asleep.

DS, DDiL plus grand dogs (and great grand puppy D.) are all down south. He mentioned on social media they had thunderstorms all night and the following morning. I forgot to mention that Ruby is actually our great grand dog as she was from a litter from grand dog Miss M.

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Friday, 25 May 2018

Lovely jubbley

Heavy rain early morning has thoroughly watered the dust dry garden. Later on, I should be able to apply the nematodes, which are currently stored in the fridge. I have decided to use half and then the other half in three weeks (its use by date). It’s supposed to be applied again in 6 weeks but that will have to do.

Normally we don’t use them but there were a few in the compost bins when we emptied them, no doubt eggs present as well.

Dog training for Ruby today. I am so stressed at the moment with her, that I might well have to hand her over to DB and go out to calm down! Tough if the trainer doesn’t like that.

Being so windy lately, like children, she has been over excited at the slightest thing. Stopped training yesterday shortly after arriving at the cricket pitch, as she wasn’t co-operating at all. DB walked her home whilst I took the car back.

Got another sowing of beetroot, carros, radish, lettuce and beans done yesterday. I also sowed some nasturtiums for salad use.

DB managed to fix the fruit cage door which had dropped and was scraping on the floor. All in all, a good days pottering, working whilst young miss was asleep!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Out and about.....

Whilst out and about we called into a pub in Gayton. We have eaten here before and always enjoyed the food and prices. Oh dear, new people have taken over and we won’t be going again.

Prices are fine but no more buffets of lovely, proper food, no more sandwiches plus a complete change of menu. There were no blackboards up advertising dishes of the day or special offers to tempt you. All the staff had changed and were very young. The music was old pop beating away in the background.

The restaurant which is normally full, was almost empty. Dogs are still allowed although Ruby wasn’t with us. However, half the pub was closed off for a funeral so other than the restaurant, just 4 tiny tables were available for everyone to use.

We ordered 3 different rolls to test them out and some gourmet chips. DB had two thin slices of reheated beef in his plus a bit of salad and half a pot of gravy. E. had two small goujons of cod plus lettuce in hers. I had hunters chicken without bbq sauce which I don’t like. 3 x 2” slices of reheated dry and frazzled chicken were inside plus 1 thin slice of bacon and a bit of melted cheese. A small salad came with it.

The 10 or so gourmet chips, were served in a small enamel pie dish. We couldn’t tell whether they were fresh or frozen but there was nothing gourmet about them.

We had to go into the closed off area to pay. An older waitress asked if we were part of the funeral party, we said no. We were more or less given orders to go into the other half. I informed her we were paying the bill. She ignored this comment and then said, “where the heck are they, they’re late”. Obviously referring to the funeral party.

We made a point of commenting as we left that we wouldn’t be back.