Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday Baking

Being Good Friday, I would normally have already made our Hot Cross (less) Buns, but yesterday was such a messed about day, that nothing got done that needed doing.

This morning, I have made 8 (eaten one on the photo below) Spiced Chocolate and Orange ones,
following a new recipe, which can be found here
They are very nice but the bottom of them caught on my new tray so I shall have to remember to double line it in future.

Also, I have made a half sized portion of a recipe for a Classic White Loaf, (normally makes 2)
which can be found on The Iowa Housewife blog, recipe here

Today has dawned bright but breezy and that breeze is cold. Shan't be going anywhere near the seaside! Don't really fancy a stiff breeze at a temperature of 6C - it will feel far colder than that. No, better to stay at home, bake, get on with yesterday jobs, stay out of the traffic madness and just enjoy ourselves.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Official Opening and Travel Trouble!

This morning, we were invited over to E's house to view her brand new kitchen, then celebrate with hot cross buns and coffee. We stayed for a couple of hours then went to town.

Most of the roads were not too bad going in but having dragged ourselves from one place to another, looking for water butts, bases and other things, we gave up due to other people obviously having thought of the same thing!

We have decided to put one or two water butts in the front garden. Not only will it save using the tap (we are now on a water meter), it saves numerous journeys to the back garden, where our current water butts live.

We got thoroughly stuck on one road to come home (Easter traffic already building up), changed direction and got stuck again, (mega accident, at least 3 fire engines going there), then changed direction once more.

Although moving slowly, we eventually made it home, some 2.5 hours after leaving E's (for our quick trip into town).

We have now sat down to a good cup of tea and a chunk of chocolate!

Gardening can wait until after Easter, and the transplanting I had thought to do today can wait until tomorrow.

Hope you all have a good break, spend some good time with friends and family if you are doing so. If not and you are on your own, same as us, have a good rest. It is due to rain Sunday and Monday so I think indoor jobs will be called upon, plus lots of rest!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to un-follow a blog!

Most of us follow many blog's, but how do you get rid of a blog that either you no longer wish to read, the writer of that blog has stopped writing, moved the blog, or is in the process of creating a new one.

I like to housekeep my blog and my computer, to help them run more smoothly and quickly. When Google Reader was still operating, removing a blog was easy and straight forward. Today, I decided to remove some blog's that are no longer active, only to face more than an hours search to find how to do it. It used to be so easy!

Firstly, go to your dashboard, in the section that says Reading List, click on the gear wheel on the far right of that particular section (not the one at the very top of the page):

It will bring up a new screen "Manage Blog's I'm Following". Go down to the blog you wish to remove, right click on settings to open it up in a new tab or window:
Right clicking it, will bring up this screen:
It may want you to sign in again, just press the Google logo, sign in if needed. If it doesn't want you to sign in again, it should take you to your own blog window:
Now, you have two options here. If you just want to remove one blog, press Stop following this site, this screen will pop up: (don't worry David, I am not deleting you!)
Press Stop following and that will be that. However, you may have many blog's you wish to stop following, in which case, on the previous screen above this one, click on Sites you've joined:
Now, you can work your way down the list, pressing Stop following as often as you need.

When you have done everything, simply close the tab which this final screen appeared on.

Go back to your dashboard, click on the gear wheel that started the whole process, hopefully, all the blog's you have deleted should no longer be there. If you had this page open in a separate window/tab, refresh the page and they should have disappeared.

All you need do now, is to go to layout, make sure you remove them from there, if they are still showing, and you are done.

There are still people I am following for now, who appeared to have stopped writing. I shall keep an eye on them. By housekeeping your Manage Blog's I'm following list, it allows you to find new ones to follow without overcrowding your list!

I hope this has been of use to you.

Hello Aurora, glad you found me again.