Friday, 19 December 2014

On and on...

Just after I did my post for yesterday, the phone went and it was the hospital. Hello, we've just had a cancellation so can you come for a scan Friday morning? Nil by mouth for four hours beforehand.

Blast, another breakfast missed. As it happens, I wasn't at all hungry as I had had an uncomfortable evening and night. Doctors first thing for something else, given antibiotics, then off for an abdominal scan. Quite quick but quite uncomfortable. They said it was fine but was asked if I was getting pain at the back of my right ribs and he concentrated on that area for a while so who knows really?

All results should now go to my own doctor so hope to not hear from the hospital for a while! Anyway, have a good weekend and hope those of you with children manage to get some down time after the schools close.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Just a quickie...

Welcome to Tannia via Bloglovin.

I have been feeling very nauseous since August. Went to see the doctor and he tried me on some drugs to reduce the acid thinking it might be reflux. This is my second bout, had it to a lesser degree last year. Tablets didn't work, made me feel like I had a brick in my stomach.

New government legislation dictates that if you are of a certain age and drugs don't help the symptoms then you go on a 2 week emergency list for a gastroscopy (just in case it is the start of something nasty).

Had my consultant appointment yesterday and the procedure first thing this morning. Wanted sedation as I can't swallow on command. Wasn't aware of gagging or anything. Woke up, had water, then coffee and sandwiches.

The nurse took us both into another room and said everything seemed normal, nothing nasty. Phew!

They did take 4 biopsies, the results of which should take a week. They also tested me for H. Pylori bug and that too was negative. Guess I have to wait for the biopsy results and whether they show the reason for the nausea.

Having a rest for a while then will get on with making bread later on.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Seemed to pass in a bit of this and a bit of that, a blur really. We both needed Chiropractor treatment and now have to drive further for that but petrol is dropping in price. Then we had to do a small food top up plus just a few drinks for the festive period.

By the time we got home, it was nearly 1:30pm so we stopped to have beans on toast! I finally remembered to re-take the few decoration pictures we did on Sunday, not too exciting. Unfortunately I managed to chop the fairy off the top of the tree:
A few things on the windowsill next to the tree:

DB's mum used to knit us all kind of people, she loved knitting. The mantelpiece:
The decorative tubes on either end were given us many years ago by some parents from school (they had wine in them). Finally, our dresser in the dining room:
Nothing much on it but we sometimes bring greenery in nearer the day. The ceiling also has things strew across it and there is a little golden artificial triangle tree on another cabinet.

We managed to get the joint of meat we were after and that is now in the freezer. The butcher de-boned it and they will first be rinsed then roasted ready for soup making.

Although we have 'invested' in 3 joints of meat for the festive 10 days, the total spent does not exceed our ration allowance each, for all of December and January. We have only spent about £5 on meat so far this month so all in all, it will work out just right. There will be quite a bit leftover for pies, curry, etc which will probably feed us through February as well. All in all, a good investment.