Thursday, 5 May 2016

Is this a hybrid?

Welcome to Victoria Baggott via Bloglovin.

I have finally managed to keep a couple of cowslips going in the garden. I have no idea why I find it so difficult. They live under an apple tree so have good sunlight when in flower and light shade afterwards. Last year, I left the seed pods on and got quite a few babies and this year, they are in flower.

Herewith one of the parents:
A normal cowslip just like most of its babies, except this one:
Multi headed like a cowslip but with flowers like a mini primrose - ah, ain't it sweet.

In my mini greenhouse, the baby tomatoes and peppers, are now out day and night although for the past few nights, they have been in fleece. However, with nights now due to be around the 9C minimum, I think I shall be able to remove the fleece and shut them in at night:

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


After DS and DDiL had visited for the weekend, we always try to get their bedding, dogs towels etc, washed as soon as possible so we can put it all away, ready for next time.

The problem is, that our washing line can't take all of the washing, ours and theirs, so I needed an emergency line.

Cue some orange nylon string:
A battery clip and a cane:
And my drying area has doubled!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Little Miss M

After receiving a photograph from lovely DiL, DB has finally finished his needlepoint version of it. I think it has him taken about 2 years as it is very fine and most people looking at it, think it is a photograph:
At this stage it hadn't been washed, stretched or put into a frame but I think it is amazing. Well done DB! It is now on the wall in the same room as Miss S. Just Master L. to go to complete the set:) - for now!