Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How on earth ...

Is this red admiral butterfly still flying:

So tatty, maybe it had been stuck in a shed or garage for a while and beaten its wings to pieces trying to get out?

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

New door

We had a new steel front garage door fitted. They did a grand job and were on their way within an hour and a quarter, after eagerly consuming a hot drink and explaining how it worked to DB who was out there, checking they were okay in the pouring rain!

Later, he showed me how to open it, from both the outside and inside - and we got locked in. One of the locks didn't quite slide out properly and he had to walk all around the house to unlock it from the front, which was a bit of a problem. He eventually managed to sort it out.

This week, we had the old and slightly rotten (and much mended) side door changed for a UPVC version:
So much better. Both had been saved up for and we shall pay our debts this coming week when the bill arrives.

On a slightly different note, who would have thought we would still be eating soup n the last week of July? Some days recently have been just 14C!

Monday, 24 July 2017

Holkham Hall Fair

Despite a not very good weather forecast, we had good weather whilst we attended this fair. It is quite expensive and we usually pay early to get a good discount (£3.50 in this case).

I kept forgetting to take pictures as there is so much to look at. Loads of scurrying and gun dog events to watch, some very funny with some dogs and owners not having a clue, often getting distracting by what was on in the next bit of field.

Puppies galore were bounding around, there were horse, ponies, ferrets, birds of prey etc. Lots of plant and craft stalls and outdoor clothing shops.

DB bought me an early birthday present, something I have wanted for a long time - a wax jacket:
This one is brown but the one we got was dark green. It was also £5 cheaper than buying online so that was good.

Herewith just a few horse/pony pictures when I finally remembered to take some:

Fancy camping in this:
Although we were only there for a few hours, we really enjoyed ourselves.