Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Cinnamon Swirls

You may remember me mentioning a while back, about the ready to bake products I bought in Lidl. Today, it was the turn of the above.

Fresh from the packet and cut up into 6, just baked in the second picture:
Drizzled with some icing flavoured with vanilla:
Verdict: Smaller than shop bought ones but just as lovely.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Home made pasta bake sauce...

Pasta bake is a really nice meal but we would prefer to make our own sauce because the bought ones, have oodles of ingredients. It took us a while to get this basic sauce and once made to your own tastes, can be jazzed up to change flavour.

To a food blender/liquidizer/magik bullet tall containers, add:

1 can chopped tomatoes, 1 can of water, 1 stock cube (reduce to 1/2 a cube if adding bacon, gammon or ham to finished dish), 1/2 clove grated garlic, 1 level tablespoon tomato puree, 1/2 level teaspoon dried herbs (we use basil or tarragon):

Into a lasagne dish, put 6oz of dry pasta (GF or normal). Pour over the sauce and stir to even out pasta and make sure it is all covered with sauce:
You can see above, that I have added 1/2 a diced sweet red (bell) pepper.

Bake in a 200C oven for 20 minutes. We added some cooked diced bacon before topping it with 2oz grated cheese, it looked like this:
Bake for another 20 minutes and it is ready:
There is plenty on its own for us:
If you want to add 8oz dry pasta then add another 1/3rd can of water to the initial mix. You may also need to add a little more half way through baking!

Gammon and pineapple, chicken, garlic cream sauce, will all alter the flavour. Chilli or curry pasta can also be added. The world is your oyster as far as flavour goes.

We found 8oz too much for us but with a little salad, it is just about right for 4 people who aren't too hungry.

Monday, 19 March 2018

More and more people....

Seem to be giving up or taking a break from blogging. I can see I shall have to look for some more blogs to add to my sidebar! At least most people let you know this is happening which is nice. I always worry about those who just stop as I wonder if they have died!

I already read a few via other blogs I follow so shall have a good housekeep of my reading list!

Day time temperatures are set to recover a bit after the weekend although night time is still going to be chilly. Will Spring ever get going, I am getting just a little stir crazy!

Mind you, There are now some daffodils making an appearance so maybe we are beginning to get there.

First washing is thrashing around on the line, another lot in the washer. Cold and very windy so hopefully they will get half dry.

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