Friday, 25 August 2023

Using my new mincer

My Kenwood Chef (from the 1970's) has finally given up the ghost. A new one the same size would cost £400 then the mincer attachment another £150. 

I thought long and hard about replacing it (or getting it fixed which we may still do). For now though, I hardly use the rest of it so we shopped around for just a mincer.

We settled for a Duronic as it had quite good reviews. It is very powerful and noisy, making me jump when I switched it on:

I made enough bolognese sauce with out tomatoes for tea plus two more meals:

Whilst in the mood, I also made two crumbles using the brambles, dried apples and apricots:

We shared one with custard and put the other plus the two sauces into the freezer for later use.


  1. Lovely being able to use your own produce and make enough to freeze for future meals. We recently got rid of my ancient Kenwood Chef, I didn't really use it much and it took up so much space on the worktop.

    1. Yes they are rather large aren’t they?

  2. I have the attachment for mincing for my Kitchen Aid and really want to try it out. Just might have to pull it out and use it (was a gift from one of our son's).

    God bless.

    1. I find a mincer really useful, mainly because I don't trust bought minced meat/sausages.

  3. Ken, my old Kenwood is safely ensconced in one of Alan's many kitchen cupboards. I have no room for it in my little kitchen but I'm loathe to part with it as it's great for breadmaking which I may just get back into now I'm on rations again. AND, as you say the cost of them new is shocking now isn't it.

    You had a very productive day by the looks of it ... and a tasty one too. :-)


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