Monday, 15 October 2012

A visit...

Went to see DS. and FDiL. and our two grand-dogs this weekend. The weather was good but cold. As DB was still recovering from a bad back, gardening was abandoned!

We helped them strip the one wallpaper wall in their lounge ready for painting. Whilst sausages and bacon were grilling for lunch, helped S make two batches of frugal washing machine liquid and also showed her how to make frugal cleaning spray. 

We trialled it on the walls where it removed most but not all of the sticky wallpaper paste from the wall and was also used to wipe up 'occasional mistakes' from M. It smells wonderful. As they are still finishing unpacking from their move, FDiL. couldn't find her aromatherapy bottles but we did have Tea Tree so that was used on its own.

I made a large pan of vegetable and chickpea soup for us to have before we left. They have enough for another meal.

Herewith a front shot of M. on her own. I meant to get one of them both M. & S. together but kept forgetting my camera.

This one (a bit like a mug shot) of her sideways on before she shot out of frame. 

She is 15 weeks old at the moment and although the first photograph doesn't show it, she has almond shaped eyes at the moment, which reminds me a little of Sophie Ellis Baxter!
The drive home was interesting. Kept getting behind those blasted lorries that drive at 40 m.p.h., forming long queues where you just cannot overtake. That didn't stop those with a death wish doing so. If DB hadn't been so vigilant (2 eggs if vegetarian) and on at least two occasions, nip back in, we would have been taken out by those in high speed cars who aren't prepared to wait their turn and overtake from about 6 cars back! It was sheer madness on single carriage roads that have lots of turns in them where you just cannot see. Ignorant peasants!!

We gratefully arrived home to a very cold house. A quick change into jim jams and dressing gowns, followed by a steaming mug of hot chocolate warmed us up.

The heating was put on this morning for 1/2 an hour only as the outside temperature was 2.2 Celsius!


  1. I just don't know how you can be parted from those adorable dogs, I think I may have to dognap them! I think after all that work you deserved the hot chocolate xxx

    1. It was difficult, but some-one has to do it!!

  2. That sounds like an 'interesting' journey home. Thankfully our trip to Nottingham was much less eventful. M is just beautiful - do the dogs get on well together? We had rain when we got up this morning, but it wasn't as cold as yesterday ( I had to scrape the car to go to the carboot at 6am)- in fact I've had every window open until around 1pm.

    1. It was and yes they do. If anything, they are like mother and daughter. Wow, amazing contrast in your weather. Put our washing out this morning and then it poured down.

  3. The doggy pics are gorgeous!


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