Tuesday 9 October 2012

Cleaning product making kinda morning!

I've been busy this morning making cleaning liquids. I have used the frugal laundry liquid recipe with washing soda to make my 'colours' wash and the same recipe but with Borax substitute to make my 'whites' wash. Only half the recipe is used at a time otherwise it is too much for us to store.

I don't really know if it makes a difference, although my new tea towels seem to be brighter than their slightly older counterparts. If you can't source Borax substitute, I wouldn't worry too much. The recipe for this laundry liquid can be found by clicking on my 'cleaning' label to the right, then going down the page to my entry for 10th May 2012.

Another cleaning liquid for kitchens and bathrooms, new to me, is this one:

All-purpose cleaner and disinfectant

Save a previously used spray bottle and wash and rise thoroughly.
Into an old jug put 2 cups of hot but not boiling water, 1/4 cup clear vinegar, 2 teaspoons washing soda (not baking soda). When cool, pour into your saved container and add 15 drops of essential Tea Tree oil, 15 drops of essential Lavender oil. Shake well before use, spray onto surfaces (not wood or aluminium) and wipe with a cloth.

The original recipe can be sourced from this web site Natural-Homemade-Cleaners . I originally found a link to it on Rhonda's blog. Some of their recipes contain Borax which they are now warning against. However, Borax is no longer available for sale in the UK (or shouldn't be). What you buy in fact in this country is Borax substitute, so hopefully, these warnings don't apply to that!
Basically in life, I work on the principle 'that you pays your money and take your chance'. This saying generally refers to 'something that means each person has to make their own decisions in a situation, because no decision is more correct than any other'. So there you go!

I had previously made the orange (or lemon) skin cleaner and the smell was too much for me, so have been on the look out for a new product. The yellow spray bottle contains this and although I have yet to use it, the smell is wonderful.


  1. I have taken a look at your recipe and it sounds good, I will give it a go at the weekend xxx

    1. Frugal liquid or the new one? Some say that the frugal liquid can lift your colours eventually but we have hardly noticed a difference because we never used a colour detergent in the first place! Even if they lift, it doesn't bother us.

  2. I used to make our detergent, but then we switched to an energy efficient washer. we were told using anything less than the HE labeled detergents would void the warranty. However, I've been using the same bottle of detergent since May so we're not doing too badly.

    1. Whether that is true what they say, who knows. However, like you say, using the same bottle since May is good going. I used to find that even using 1/2 the recommended amount worked just as well. On lightly soiled clothing, I have even used none! Apparently its the action of the washer that washes the clothes, detergent lifts the stains.

  3. Very interesting!
    My goal is to make my own green and frugal cleaners eventually. I keep saving recipes, but haven't yet got around to make them.
    Thanks for this inspirational post :)

    1. Glad you found it inspirational and interesting Hilde.


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