Friday, 5 October 2012

Kinema in the Klose....

Yes, I know it is spelt odd before you point it out!

Last night we had our 'old school chums' around and hosted a cinema night (simply because we have the largest television out of us all)

B. brought Chinese starters to eat, E, Indian ones plus popcorn, T. supplied the alcoholic beverages and we supplied coffee, biscuits and a 10 minute Pathe News & Pearl and Dean interval!!

We normally meet up at half term and end of term, with those who are still working. Sometimes we go out for a meal, or meet on the beach and have a long walk plus bacon baps, or whatever takes our fancy.

This time we thought we'd do something new, hence the cinema night. Lets face it, by the time you have driven to one, paid to get in plus eats and drinks, it costs a fortune. At home, no money changes hands (therefore we are not breaking transmission rules), we are warm and comfortable, and have nice things to eat and drink. There is no-one nearby chatting on their phone, eating crisps or doing unmentionable things on the back seats. Listening to loud conversations, crunching crisps or mouths slurping and groans behind you (or sometimes even in front) is not my idea of a nice night out!

What did we watch? The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. What did we think? Between us all, we gave it 9/10. In places it made us laugh out loud, other made us think and at the end we had quite a discussion about it.

We have arranged to meet up next week (plus hopefully a sixth person) and go out to a restaurant that serves 2 people for £10. Obviously there will be drinks on top of that but think this is a good way of eating out as the food is good and cheap (we know as have been there before), the place is lovely, homely and warm and the hosts are very friendly.


  1. That sounds like a great way to get together and have fun.

  2. It sounds like a lovely evening was had by all, so much nicer than being in noisy public places. I love those kind of evenings good friends, good food and a good laugh.

  3. Best Exotic M Hotel was fun and everyone was in it which made it nice. Great idea about the film night - we have one at our library but home is much nicer. You need not have alcoholic drinks at the restaurant - maybe have a sherry before you go out ? I think restaurants make most of their money on booze and offer cheap food to attract people in.


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