Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Noticing autumn...

Our walk this week found us again at Old Hunstanton. E. is back with us but can only do small walks. Although her plaster cast has been off 2 weeks, her leg and foot are still swollen and stiff. DB has pulled his back so a short walk was needed for him as well!

Only took one photograph of this damselfly? sitting on the sand amongst the dunes. Pretty little thing isn't it. There were quite a few of them darting in and out of the bushes.

When we got back I nipped outside in the rapidly chilling air, to close my mini greenhouse doors. The changing leaves of the blueberries caught my eye so I went in to get my camera to snap the autumnal beauty happening in my garden.

These pictures show the changing colours of the leaves. The first two are my blueberries.

 Then some red lettuce.



Euphorbia griffithii 'Fireglow' In late spring it has these magnificent orange bracts. 

In autumn, its leaves turn red/purple as can be seen below.


Finally, some Bugle ajuga reptans.  


  1. Such beautiful colours. That euphorbia is good value isn't it? I love plants that keep on giving.

    1. It is beautiful when its orange bracts are showing. It can spread a little but pulls up very easily.


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