Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Cheese and onion pie

Quite a while ago we watched a cookery programme called 'The Good Cook' and on it one week, he made a cheese and onion pie. The recipe can be found here

We thought we'd give it a go and see how it tasted. It was quite nice but the pastry is far too short so shall use my own version another time. Also, as I was using up a mixture of 4 cheeses rather than the Lancashire recommended, shall also try that next time as well.

First of all the onions had to be fried in butter quite slowly and for a long time until they were soft and cooked without being browned. Then left to go cold.
Next the pastry was made and used to base line a tin.The onions were divided in half and half put on top of the pastry.

Then followed by a generous amount of pepper and half the grated cheese. This was then repeated (I forgot the second lot of pepper). No salt is needed as there is enough in the cheese.

The pastry lid was applied and it was cooked. 

Next time, we think it needs a little longer as it was not as brown nor the cheese as molten as his (could have been the combination of my cheeses). Also, his pie when cut held together, mine slightly fell apart,  hence the need to use normal rather that ultra short pastry next time.


  1. That episode was shown again the other week and his pie looked wonderful, as does yours. I really must give this a go, it sounds luscious. I love cheese and onion pie.

    Sue xx

    1. We thought it quite good for our first attempt, very calorie heavy though. We divided it up into 6 and served it either with salad or beans. May make it with some potato in another time, see what that is like.

  2. I would probably add a couple of eggs and some milk and little less cheese and no top crust. That would last us at least three days with some veggie on the side.
    Thought Spring had arrived here but three inches of snow tomorrow :(

    1. Wouldn't that then be a quiche? This pie has lasted us 3 days, 2 with salad and one with beans. We also have had a few nice days but the bitter winds are back making it feel icy cold.

  3. This sounds really good. I just love pies in any shape or form but they don't love me! Suppose just a slice wouldn't hurt :)
    Patricia x


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