Monday, 3 August 2015

Making Pure Olive Oil Soap Foam - Corrected

First of all, welcome to Simply Living via here and Candace Halter via Bloglovin.

I decided this time to use the soap below:
Grating 1/2 of a bar of soap, I added 2 cups of boiling water. It was then put into a saucepan to melt the soap (not bringing it to the boil).

It was poured a jug and left to go cold.

This time I decided to use my electric whisk rather than my electric stick blender. After a few moments, I was presented with a container of olive smelling, pale green meringue.

I quickly trialled some and indeed, it washed my hands very well, leaving them feeling clean and soft. I had no idea whether once poured into my container it would solidify into something I couldn't use. If it solidified tough luck. We would just have to cut the top off the container, warm it through and pour it into an open topped container to use:

Anyway, it was poured into a container that had 10 drops of your chosen aromatherapy oil. It is now in use in the kitchen and works very well with just 2 squirts. I don't fancy using it on my face although it says it can be, mainly because it smells quite strongly of olives.

I think it makes the perfect kitchen soap. It is ideal when we wash our hands in the sink after gardening and remove tomato leaf stains very well and quickly!

Besides look what is in normal liquid soap:

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