Thursday 30 July 2015

Adding pictures and links to your blog, menu update and welcome

First of all, welcome to Tania from Australia via here. I have updated our menu page from last week. Didn't use any meat at all!

Where has summer gone? Tonight and tomorrow night are going to be chilly enough to warrant me putting some fleece on my tomatoes.

Anyhow, back to this tutorial. I know that for some of you, this is teaching you how to suck eggs. People new to blogland though, can struggle with it all.

First, if you have the capability to do so, use a photographic programme such as Elements to resize your pictures. 15cm x 10cm at 72 pixels gives very good results on your blog and also helps keep down the space used on your Google Photo account (which is part of your blog).

It used to be Picasa (probably still is) but when you now save pictures, as part of downloading your blog for safety, it refers to them as Google Photo's!

Once/if you have been able to do the above to your photographs, I then keep them on my desktop, as for me, I find it easier to locate them.

Okay, here we go.

When you come to the part on your post where you want to insert a picture, put your flashing cursor in the right place. Then click on the icon above (second from the left on the below picture):
It will bring you to this screen: - again, this is a screen shot hence the blurring but you can see what you need to!
Upload is usually in bold as most of the time, you are uploading from your computer. Click on the Choose files. Mine then goes to my desktop where I select what to upload. Click on the picture you want to upload and the screen will now look like this:
Click on the picture (to highlight it in blue) then press Add selected and it should appear where you want it.

Okay - now to add a link with a short name!

Again, you are writing your post, but this time, you want to add a Link such as a web page you might be referring to in your post. Or you might want to refer to another blog but don't know how to keep the link small. Make sure you have that web page or blog page on another tab otherwise if you make a mistake in copying it you will have to go look for it again!

Firstly, copy the address part of the page, right at the top of the page you are interested in:

Get to the part of your post where you want to insert a link. Click on the Link bit above, which looks like this:

You will get a screen like this:
Where it says Which URL should this link go to?, paste the address of the web/blog page in the box beneath it:
Now, in the box that says Text to display, you will notice it is a long link. Highlight this link:
Then type in whatever you wish. It could be here or link or the name of the blog you are referring to. Here I have linked to BBC Weather for London. I don't however want all that in my post. I have highlighted it and changed it to here:
I always test the link. Click on Test this link in blue. It will open up a new window to show where you are linking it to. If it doesn't work properly, you might have missed a bit of the address off when copying it from the web site. Don't worry, just start again. When it is working properly, close the test window.

Now, back to your screen above, press OK on your screen at the bottom and the link should appear in your post where you want it. I have left this link live so you can check it works!

BBC Weather London - here

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