Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Fitting a lining to a loaf tin

First of all, well done to all the British tennis players who got through their rounds yesterday, BOTH single and doubles, who never seem to get a mention despite a British player being double No. 1:) Finish well today Jamie and Bruno, hopefully the rest will have done you both good as you both looked tired last night!

I know most of us know how to do this but maybe someone doesn't. I have to line two bread tins every week when making the rather sticky GF bread, so herewith some pictures:

Pull out enough greaseproof/silicon lining paper as required and draw around the base of the tin. Then from each corner, draws lines away at a slight angle:
Cut down both the longest lengths, from one side to the other, to give you one long thin length for the base and short sides of the tin. Then cut the long wider sides out. Fold over 1/2" or cm of the bottom of these two sides:
Rather than greasing the whole tin, just put a few small smears around it to anchor the paper into place. For GF bread making, I temporarily fold the tops down to give me more room to put the sticky mixture in:
Fill up with the bread mix and carefully smooth the tops with damp fingers. Lift the sides back up:
The final thing I do is to staple all four corners. Sometimes the mix is more runny than usual and whilst rising before cooking, can flow over the sides:
Leave to rise:

Bake and remove from tin:

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