Thursday 7 July 2016


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When we have a Sunday roast and have some meat left (in this case lamb), I would mince it and either turn it into a Sheperds pie or make a pie with pastry. Only having made a quiche with GF pastry, I thought I would make some curried lamb pasties, testing 2 different pastry options and seeing which one works better and whether either (or any), can be held in the hand to eat or need a knife and fork!

First the start, meat and left over vegetables:
The meat was turned into meat breadcrumbs in my food processor, the vegetables added plus half a jar of curry paste - the kind that uses a whole jar to make a meal, rather than a more runny sauce or thick paste where you only use a tablespoon or two!

The first lot of pastry (on the right), was brown rice and almond from this link. I made it in the processor after it had been well washed. This is very fragile and had to be handled with kid gloves, making sure it was carefully lifted onto the baking paper before being filled. The paper came in useful in helping to fold it over, even then, it was a little difficult.

Anyway, I managed and once both were made, baked them at 180C for 30 minutes, then 200C for 10 minutes to finish them off. Unfortunately, I forgot to leave them on the paper to cool as I was worried about the bottom going soft from steam. As I tried to move the first one, it broke in two.
The pastry on the left was far more robust and far easier to work with. It came from here. I already had flour blend A so used that rather than the recommended flour blend B. It has some gram flour in it which I could smell as it was baking.

We tested the mince pies on our walking day. Everyone agreed the brown rice and almond had a good flavour and texture but the other was not far behind, but needed to be thinner. As for the texture for a pasty, both were good but on whole one was almost too much as gf pastry can be a tad drying in the mouth. However, if eaten with gravy or custard or as a quiche, both were good.

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