Friday 15 July 2016

Asparagus Lettuce (Celtuce)

A few weeks ago, I mentioned this vegetable as part of the lettuce type things in Bed 4. It is now fully grown and we have been harvesting leaves off it for ages. The bottom ones can be a bit bitter although we haven't found that to be the case when using them in salad. They can also be used instead of spinach. The uppper ones are more tender.

It is now trying to send out flowers so I thought I would show pictures of its leaves:
And the stems which are shortly to be harvested:
Apparently you are meant to pull each one up as and when needed (think I will need to remove the flower stalk to keep them going), peel and stir fry. I have found one recipe we fancy, that involves ginger, garlic and apple so shall try that first. They can also be lightly steamed or slowly boiled, tossed in butter and eaten as is. We shall give that a go as well. If they taste good, they may also end up in a cheese and celtuce quiche!

It is now getting too hot to sow any more so that will be it for this season.

Davis Cup in tennis this afternoon and weekend. Even though Andy isn't playing he is there to support them. We watched him in the audience, on Mock the Week last night. A lot of the show revolved around him and he was laughing away like billy oh! Lovely to see him nice and relaxed.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a good one!

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  1. Sounds a very interesting and useful vegetable. Looking forward to the next installment.


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